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“The spirit of Paul Revere is Warning America! Get Ready! Get Ready!”

The following is a partial list of the fruits of Marxist Multiculturalism! Too many foreign forces now hidden in every state in America!

* The always-hidden Rothschild agents, dangerous Communist and public enemy number one, George Soros and his three sons, endlessly funding destructive leftist and liberal agitators and aggressors.  Rothschilds have always funded Communism!

* Russian sleepers as revealed by Jim Keith.  North Korean sleepers revealed this week by psychopath Kim Jong-un.  Chinese sleepers in the human organs and slave trade.

* Duduman’s disclosure that Russia would attack same time as China and North Korea

* Russian attack strategies with Alaska, Minnesota and Florida. Russian missile pre-positioned in Yellowstone to trigger the super volcano and destroy American infrastructure

* Chechnyan troop build up in Colorado

* UN troops driving up to 24 LENCO Bearcats at a time through Montana and other states

* Foreign troops hidden in National Forests where roads were bulldozed and it’s a felony to fly over

* 700,000 Makarov pistols Clinton pre-positioned for Russia in Colorado

* Clinton’s Treaty on Open Skies still letting foreign pilots fly over America!

* Islamic insurgents all over the place in 60 trainiing centers with weapons caches beneath mosques, with a growing presence in 33rd Degree Jimmy Carter’s Habitats for Humanity, with an increasing presence allowed by global security companies including security guards at major power plants

* Tens of thousands of muslims now employed in Silicon Valley (threatening our communications)

* Islam now working with the Mexican cartels

* Knife-wielding Somalis trained since childhood to be soldiers – sent courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce to work around blood every day (de-sensitized to it) then recruited by ISIS for overseas training then sent back here…

* Globalist-planted regional and state police from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

* Foreign-privatized prisons staffed by 150,000 with no local allegiances and who speak English as a second language. These lose money every day Patriots and Constitutionalists are not working inside…

* Chinese owning the Long Beach port where only 1 of every 10 COSCO train cars are inspected when unloaded

* Chinese flown into Idaho and southward almost every night (A friend with a gold mine witnessed this!)

* The Muslim now on the Federal Reserve Board who owns the yogurt manufacturing plant. Economic manipulators on the alert to crash the US economy as they did in 1929

* Turkish Muslim Billionaire ($55 Billion-plus dark money) Gulen in Pennsylvania with his James Bond-like fortress and small illegal foreign army. who believes he’s to fund ushering in the Imam Mahdi by making Americans convert as dhimmi or die!

* Freemasonry with the world-government global infrastructure in place. They are pledged to world govt. Freemasons have control mechanisms – especially ongoing threats to expose politician pedophilia which they fostered – approving it in 32nd Degree Readings to keep their politicians under control. There are also to many Freemason police and this is the control over so many American police siding with the Left!

All this and more… While our National Guard diligently guards Poppy Bush’s opium crops in stolen Taliban fields (formerly wheat fields) and even retired police are paid $25,000 bonuses to go overseas. Inexperienced reserve units are put at point in many dangerous situations. American troops are protecting countries overseas but not America! President Trump needs a Special Forces Armed Forces of 1 million to protect America and counter the still-active globalist influences in US Armed Forces. Why doesn’t Trump see this? “Houston, we have a problem.”

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