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Paul Nehlen has it right. The theme of his campaign against Paul Ryan in their home district’s congressional race for Ryan’s House seat is: Paul Ryan has aligned with globalists against Americans. It makes perfect sense for Nehlen to launch this particular campaign theme against Ryan because Ryan has purposed that no “open borders” scheme go unfunded before and since he assumed the Speaker’s chair in the House.

“In 2013, Ryan worked with Luis Gutierrez to advance President Obama’s immigration expansion agenda, and in 2015 Ryan championed an omnibus spending bill that fully funded Obama’s open borders agenda.

In fact, Ryan has a two decade long history of pushing open borders immigration policies—dating back to his days as a Capitol Hill staffer when he worked to derail the bipartisan immigration curbs inspired by Civil Rights leader and late-Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Jordan.”

-See today’s latest Breitbart article:  The Legend Speaks — Schlafly Thunders for Ryan Ouster: ‘Get Rid of Him!’

Open borders is the end of nations as we know them. If Ryan lived in Britain, France, Italy, or Japan and was for open borders, he would be a globalist against the British, French, Italian or Japanese. It’s not that Ryan is against Americans, or only against Americans. He is against everyone who identifies with the nation of their birth or adoption.

Of course the battle has been framed for decades as Democrats against Republicans, Commies against Republicans, Progressives against Republicans, and Constitutionalists against Republicans and Democrats. But the real fight, which Nehlen has given structure to for his own campaign should be Trump’s also, nationwide. It’s every variant and shade of globalist against Americans. And Americans are with Trump.

Observe who has aligned themselves with the globalists against Trump, who are recommending Trump be reformatted, possibly replaced by Pence or another candidate before the General in November. Meg Whitman, Republican who has run for various offices in California, who has been considered a VP possibility, announced overnight she will support, campaign for, and vote for Hillary Clinton. Various NeverTrumpers have announced or threatened to vote for any other candidate than Trump, including Hillary. Hillary is the Democratic Party face of globalism.

Who is the face of national sovereignty opposed to Hillary’s globalism? Is it the NeverTrump? No. They walk back Trump’s statements for Trump, apologizing to the nation for Trump’s dedication and passion, his commitment to build a “Beautiful Wall with a Big Wonderful Door” for legal immigrants. Additionally NeverTrump, Democrats and the GOP establishment together misquote Trump’s promise to prevent Muslims and other immigrants from entering the country until they can be properly vetted. Here again they have walked back his statements because if Trump were in his right mind, they say, he would have never made such a promise in the first place.

The NeverTrump are a strange assortment of Gangsta styled folk: Tea Party, Constitutionalists, Democrats, and Republicans all allied against the one candidate who will not walk back his statements and promises to press against and defeat globalism. And globalists, who are they? Descended from Nimrod, they dream of and strive for world government. In Islam globalism is phrased a Caliphate. In Marxism it is phrased Communism. In Hillaryeze it’s, “It Takes a Village.” All fighting for the same cause of open borders, few will be surprised globalists rarely take offense at the misdeeds of other globalists. In fact they get along very well with each other, sometimes throwing their own under the bus to please other globalists.

Americans do not throw their own under the bus. Americans do not abandon their own before, during, or after Benghazi. Americans do not trade five radical Islamic terrorist high ranking leaders for one measly military deserter, especially after our soldiers placed themselves at risk, some giving their all, in an attempt to capture him. Americans do not throw Trump under the bus. Globalists do that low down soulless activity. Not Americans.


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