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Clinton title/movie are still alive with the Democrats. These words are alive with the Clinton scandals, the DNC including the convention, and the Obama administration.


The most current sandals deal with Hillary’s private servicer and the Clinton Foundation. Use of a priv“THE REST OF THE STORY” or “THE NEVER ENDING STORY.”  The words of Paul Harvey and the old book ate to handle business of the State Department was said to be extremely careless, but not strong enough for an indictment.  The computer was proven to have some classified information, and Hillary had the power to classify information. Hillary Clinton claims that Mr. Comey cleared her in the matter, but he made it clear when he testified before Congress that Hillary had lied.  Now there are claims that the NSA has the lost e-mails. There just had been no definite proof that the private server was hacked, but likely.

Past scandals include the time in Washington DC, and Arkansas. Whitewater, Filegate, Travel gate, Cattle gate, looter gate, plus ones that deal with Bill’s sex encounters. A number of deaths that were considered coincidence.


The disclosures by Wikileak:  The leaks caused the immediate resignation Debbie Wasseramn Shultz, and later three more people. They removed any doubt that the system was rigged against Sen. Sanders. Unity has become more of a problem.

Donald Trump made a satire of the situation by asking if the Russians has the lost e-mails. The hacking of the DNC, and the DCCC reopened the question of Hillary’s private server

The Speakers; The main guest after the regular politicians were the mothers of sons killed by law enforcement and Mr. Khan a Muslin father who lost his son in service to the country.

The bringing in the mothers was reaction Black lives Matter. false narratives, and the Republicans coming out pro-law and safety. Some people tried to make this a race issue with rogue cops. After the air cleared, in some cases riots, a criminal act had been committed. There were no killings with hands up. The officers were cleared in the findings.

Mr. Khan and the Democrats tried to use the honorable service of his son, to attack Mr. Trump on vetting of Muslims.  Mr. Khan is an immigration lawyer who has worked to get green cards and driver licenses for refugees. The vetting could cut into his income. Sharia law according to Mr. Khan is above the U.S. Constitution. His son was killed in 2004. Since then the U.S, has Islamic jihadist terrorist actions in the U.S.  One of the actions was at Fort Hood. This proves that you can’t generalize whole groups.


Obama has said that Trump is unfit to be President.  Some of the Republicans who gave Obama a lot wf what he wanted agree with him, Ryan and McCain are part of the establishment.  What experience did the community organizer have before he became President?

Check the record:

Benghazi-U.S, Personnel killed, lack of precautions, blamed on video. Hillary caught in the lie. Hillary yelled “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE. Early withdraw from Iraq, birth of ISIS. Refused to use the term radical jihadist.

Terror attacks in Orlando, San Bernardino, Boston, Fort Hood, and Chattanooga.

Unemployment numbers dropping because of people dropping out of the work force.

Trade agreements costing jobs in their own rights, but also hit by more regulations.

Restricting the development of some energy resources. War on coal.

Growth of debt. The Affordable Care Act.

Immigration policy.

Loss or at least reductions of our civil liberties, guns, religious rights, speech.

Two Supreme Court appointments.  Decisions by executive order.

The private e-mail server that was against policy and not secure. Connections between foreign governments and the Foundation, under investigation.


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