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Four years of college not for me when I can get an internet degree.

No need to borrow thousands of dollars and listen to mind benders in class No need to listen to liberal professors trying to radicalize me.

As long as I have got my I-Phone I can achieve my Google PHD.

I am just as smart as the grads and can be making the cash I can get the answers to any thing I wish by a click on a search I can get video of how to transplant a heart or taking a car engine apart There is nothing I can’t do and there is nothing I will forget I have got my memory and memory stick stored in my pocket.

I have no college loan to pay back and I have learned a lot I didn’t let political views clot my mind and I am free to explore on my own I am now an independent business man and I can do as I please without leaving my home I may not achieve the wealth of Bill Gates who never went to college but I am happy to do what I do with my internet knowledge.

Who needs a diploma when all you got to do is print out one from an Ivy League School?

Just kidding of course, it takes honesty to pass the course and a lot of hard work to make the grade. So use your mind and hold up your head, use all your youthful time to put your life on a straight line.


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