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This was not the article I originally intended to submit for your perusal this week; that article deals with an unserious lighthearted subject, and now is not the time for that.

In Past articles, I have written on the subject of hate and division that is a constant threat to the American psyche, and is a plague on our way of life. How democrats and their supporters and followers- there is a difference- and the mainstream media, are creating a climate of hysteria and unrest among the people. It appears President Trump is living rent free in their disturbed minds, and they just cannot evict him. The madness of the left has recently been made manifest in the most horrendous way.

On Wednesday June 14 at approximately 7:00am Eastern Time on a ball field on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. in Alexandria, Virginia, republican members of the congress gathered at a pre-game baseball practice session, before a scheduled benefit game for charity between republicans and democrats.

At some point all the rage, anger and hate in one man reached a boiling point. James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, and a Senator Sanders supporter, in the throes of a meltdown walked onto the field and began firing off a high powered long weapon striking several of the republican team members. Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana was critically injured with a bullet in the hip. Three other staff members and a lobbyist were also wounded, but not seriously. Capital police were on the scene and brought down the gunman, who later died from his injuries.

It has been learned that Rep. Scalise suffered internal injuries, went through surgery, but will still have to go through additional surgeries. Hodgkinson was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and according to his Facebook profile raged at the president, and was involved with a group called “Terminate the Republican Party”. I’m not going to expand any further on this horrendous incident, it has been and will continue to be written and discussed about in most media outlets, and is not the intent of this article.

Some may consider what I’m about to say is cynical and unfair, perhaps it is, but I believe what occurred immediately after the shooting reveals another outrageous display by democrats of their hypocrisy, and what is nothing short of deceptive attention grabbing behavior.

On another ball field in Washington, D.C. proper, the democrat team was also practicing for the game against republicans. Upon being informed of the shooting, the entire team gathered together in a closed circle and began to pray. Now you might ask isn’t that to be expected and the compassionate, humane thing to do. Yes it would be, except keep in mind who we’re dealing with here. This is the party that removed God from their platform in the 2012 presidential campaign. When the American people voiced their outrage at this blasphemy, the party had to be brought back to its senses kicking and screaming their disapproval.

This is the party whose majority of members support the unrestrained killing of the innocent in the womb. Supporters of Planned Parenthood who just recently revealed their 2016 death toll exceeded   325, 000 lives. Democrats support and defend issues that are antithetical to the laws of nature and natures God.

Can the truly faithful, who place their trust in the Almighty, believe He condones such atrocities. Democrats who religiously follow the precepts of their party, in my opinion, should examine their conscience, are they wasting their time; are their petitions reverent even possibly when their actions and behavior are in defiance of God will.

“There are no atheists in foxholes”. So were the democrats thoughts and gestures pure, were their prayers truly sincere. Or were they so frightened by the shooting that they needed somewhere to turn, someone to turn to in this time of fear and anxiety, and who else is there. This is why I must ask, does God hear their prayers.

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