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Google if you dare, “I am a Global Citizen.” …it’s quite a movement on social media and in our so-called institutions of higher learning, around the globe. One site encourages respondents to “selfie” and propagate themselves with the caption, “I am a Global Citizen.” Let’s consider for a few moments what Global Citizens are and what they have coming to them.

Noah fathered Ham. After the flood Noah grew a vineyard. Global Citizens possess all the rights of citizens of each and every country, but none of the privileges. It’s such a shame. They don’t know what they are missing. Individuals own their rights. According to the first of our nation’s organic law documents, rights are from cradle to grave, not earned. Not legislated. Meaning regardless whether or not the country of one’s birth or naturalization passes a bill to recognize those rights, they exist nonetheless, world-wide. More specifically: Russian, Australian, French, Italian, Mexican, North Korean, and Chinese citizens all have a right to exercise their freedoms of speech and religion, and the right to bear arms, regardless whether their governments concur with God or not.

In a moment of weakness Noah became drunk, was found in his tent by Ham. Privileges of citizenship are a different matter altogether. Open borders proponents have somehow managed to sell the idea the privilege to vote is a right to vote. If they were correct, if voting was a right, anyone could vote wherever and whenever he wanted to, in any country, whether a citizen of that country or not. Of course, that is not so. Countries stipulate who can and cannot vote. They always have. The vote is a privilege.

Ham went about telling his brothers all he had seen, including the part about his father’s nakedness. The privilege of a man and a woman entering into the institution of marriage is likewise called a right by a group closely aligned with open borders globalists, the LGBTQ. If marriage had ever been considered a right pastors on a whim or otherwise never could have said, “No. Absolutely not.” Lutheran pastors from the beginning would have been required to officiate in mixed marriages of a Roman Catholic to a Lutheran. For that matter an Evangelical Lutheran pastor would have had no choice but to officiate in a marriage between an Evangelical Lutheran and a Missouri Synod Lutheran. Marriage has never been a right.

His brothers told no one and carefully without looking covered up their father’s fault. When Global Citizens claim privileges only citizens of individual countries have, they do so with no global entity available to grant and defend their privileges. To get around the necessary requirement of a “controlling legal authority,” (thank you, AlGore) they claim privileges are rights. Incredibly now, anything they want, whether formerly a privilege or benefit of labor: housing, food, a job, a living wage, an education, an unlawful spouse, whatever it might be; those aligned with open borders have learned to call their every desire a right.

Ham to his great alarm learned he would not receive a blessing from his father. Indeed, Open Borders and Leftists claimed the right to burn our nation’s flag, the Republic for which it stands having been disavowed by them long before. The US Supreme Court courteously raised the white flag; then declared flag burning is free speech. Their decision revealed they had turned a deaf ear to what the clear message and intent of this particular form of “free speech” is: treason. The court surrendered, similar in fashion to when they had declared healthcare and gay marriage a right, and controversially enough in dissimilar fashion when they had declared prayer in schools was not a right.

Instead Ham received a curse. Global Citizens are in fact grandchildren of a curse laid upon Ham, multiplied in intensity by the offenses of Nimrod. It’s a curse having nothing to do with Ham’s physical descendents. Instead it beleaguers, haunts the purveyors of globalism and open borders, who are today piling onto the offenses of Ham and Nimrod. Consider how globalists and their associates attack George Washington for holding slaves, for the purpose of dismembering the foundational footings of the Republic Washington took a hand in starting. Who in his right mind can imagine globalists will avoid their fair share in the curse of Ham when they have in similar fashion by exposing Washington to their brothers and sisters, committed character assassination also, having exposed their own father’s nakedness for the purpose of destroying the nation he birthed? (Not to speak of that which President Obama has brought upon himself by exposing Washington’s offense, not only to family, but also to a world audience.)

Ham fathered Cush. Cush fathered Nimrod. Nimrod became as a hunter before his God, not the prince Nimrod imagined himself to be. Nimrod determined to resist God’s command for everyone after the flood to scatter, to fill the earth, and to replenish the earth. For the purpose of succeeding in his defiance he conquered and enslaved his neighbors, took from them their rights and property, and set them to building a tower. He forced his subjects to bake bricks. In all his actions we take note of his resolve to tower above his neighbors and his compulsion to challenge God’s rightful place above him, who is Lord of all.

Eventually God visited the construction site and confirmed to Himself Nimrod’s design was of the Evil One. Nimrod’s determination must have reminded God of Satan’s rebellion long before, when a third of the heavenly host joined in The Great Insurrection. Furthermore by conquering and enslaving his neighbors for the purpose of building the tower to Heaven Nimrod prevented the peoples and nations from scattering to “fill the earth” according to God’s command. And by setting his neighbors to baking bricks none of them could work the land. Noah’s descendents were not replenishing the earth. They were not making the earth fruitful according to God’s command.

God took steps. To stop the building He routed the builders. By a confusion of their tongues he sent them fleeing toward every point of the compass. Who imagines open borders and the Left will get away with making bricks, that which is common, out of a nation’s privileges and a citizen’s varied “pursuits of happiness?” For that is what globalists are trying to get by with when they elevate whatever is their heart’s desire to the level of a God-given right.  It’s no wonder the only substance holding their ill-contrived bricken structure together is the slime they shovel.


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