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Can you believe it? Now those crazy Liberals from Hollywood are screaming for Oprah Winfrey for President. Just what do they perceive to be the requirements for the office of President of the United States? Well, of course; all they understand is popularity and fame.

Yes, Oprah is popular and famous. She is a great entertainer, and I always enjoyed her show. I respect her for her accomplishments and her abilities. But I do not believe she is a Public advocate type.

And don’t say that Donald Trump was not a Politician. I see him as a Business Politician. To succeed in Business as he did required, yes, the ‘art of the deal’, but also the ability to read and know people; the ability to understand Human behavior; to know how to speak in the proper manner; and most of all to know your audience. Now, most professional Politicians know their audience when publicly speaking, but what they do not get is how to make promises that you can keep; promises that the entirety of those you need support from will expect you to keep.

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Donald Trump did his homework. He knew before he even started, what the voters needed and wanted. He knew and accepted just who the majority of voters would be. He knew their frustration, their hopes, and what they wanted for their Country. He saw how his predecessors only said what their current audience wanted to hear. And how they ignored everything they promised, and only did what their financial supporters wanted.
He knew from his research, and understood the actions and reactions of their decisions. He saw their mistakes.

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He was criticized for not being more Presidential. He understood the people didn’t want another “political” President. They wanted a leader that could get things done; that would keep the promises; and would get America back on track.

We, in this Country, do not need any more Political nonsense out of Washington, D.C. We need someone who knows his way around the World, and knows his way around Washington. Trump was an active supporter of the right people in Washington when it was needed for his particular business agenda. During his campaign for President, he knew how to play the field. He knew the Middle Class and the minorities. He, as a businessman from New York, saw first hand how the Politician’s verbally catered to them; promised them the world, and delivered nothing. New York State is a premier Socialist governed community. He saw the despair among the minority communities, and he saw the anger and frustration within the middle class.  It wasn’t difficult to know how to organize his campaign with a good agenda, a good solid understanding, and, of course, his money was helpful, and his family.

We, the United States of America, have made the right choice. Our Founders would be proud. We have chosen someone who can get the job done, without procrastination, without false promises, and with strong leadership.

President Trump has certainly made his share of verbal gaffs. But we must consider he has been operating in “back room Boardrooms” for several years. In the heat of battle it is more than understood such words are possible. Previous Presidents were so shielded and protected from embarrassment they had no worry. The Media was quick and loyal to “bleep” out mistakes. Trump is very transparent and we must consider that such verbal mistakes may happen. If President Clinton can be forgiven for his disgusting  and sickening behavior with a young Intern in the Oval Office, I would proffer we can forgive anything. President Trump has worked so fast and deliberate on carrying out his promises, there must be room for forgiveness. He and his family have suffered from outrageous attacks from the Media and the Liberal faction, that it would only be understood that in his endeavor to control his words in the anger of dealing with such people that he must, it is easy to slip with the tongue.

Previous Presidents were afforded the luxury of the Media blanking out mis-spoken words. Our President is not God. He is only Human. We, as Humans, must treat him fairly, and be thankful for the progress he has made.


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Jean Coulard

Retired Office manager, Food Service Director; 2+ years College; One (1) year Kitchen Management / New York Culinary School, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.


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