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In 1963 JFK spoke these words in Berlin. Today, we sit quietly by as the next POTUS has unified FASCISM with Kleptocracy and a huge dose of Tyrannical suppression. 


Fascism, or anti-conservatism; has nationalist authoritarian goals of creating a regulated economic structure to transform social relations within a modern, self-determined culture; and a political aesthetic of romantic symbolism, mass mobilization, a positive view of violence, and promotion of masculinity, youth, and charismatic leadership. Easily seen in the current President Elect. But by itself, that is not the worst of the worst, but fuels that fire with a tyrannical desire to control, one may find it much less appealing.


Being tyrannical has a definition of exercising power in a cruel or arbitrary way. Tyrannical has synonyms like dictatorial, despotic, autocratic, oppressive, repressive, undemocratic. We can see this tyrannical attitude by the current president-elect with his dealings with his competition during the primaries, the general election, as well as dealing with Boeing, Carrier, and other contractors. America tossed the tea off the Wharf in Boston to rid themselves of a tyrannical King in Britain. Being a bully, making over-the-top demands, and portraying oneself as a King-like leader are the evil tyrannical ways. WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS BUT LAWS MEAN NOTHING IF THE PEOPLE WE ELECT TO ENFORCE THEM DON’T! Donald Trump has given us Fascism, Tyrannical endeavors, communism, deceit, and the desire to have a Kleptocracy.



Kleptocracy is a government with corrupt rulers (kleptocrats) that use their power to exploit the people and natural resources of their own territory in order to extend their personal wealth and political power. The Trump University, hiring illegals to replace American workers, spousal rape, questionable sexual misconduct with teenage girls, money laundering, racketeering, RICO act, the Russian election interference, using a fake charity to funnel money to Donald, fighting handicapped, and PTSD Veterans because they were trying to make a living outside on a sidewalk all point directly to Donald Trump, and his love affair with Kleptocracy.


Now we realize, without the consent of millions of Americans, who have shown a complete naivete’ of facts, teachings, reports, investigations, court records, and news article after news article, that Donald feels he has the “mandate”. The problem with all of that is the 1st and 2nd amendments that protect the individual citizen, and then The power of impeachment is granted to the House of Representatives under Constitutional law. In Article I, Section 2, the Constitution reads, “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.” Impeachment relates to the removal of a Government official due to crimes committed while that individual was in office. With the history and egomaniac personality that Donald has shown, it will not be long before legal recourse is available to take towards him and his lies.


The real truth is…That if Donald J. Trump actually loved America, then he would step aside, remove himself from the office, and allow America to live in unity and happiness, along with liberty and unification. Donald really is no Patriot, nor has he done this out of a selfless idealism, but just the opposite. It is to destroy the Constitutional Democratic Republic as we know it, to add a notch to his belt, and to gain power where-ever he may garner it. No one should fool themselves in his plans or motives.


America deserves so much better…


iPatriot Contributers


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