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Trump is earning a free ride. The Free ride is because Hillary/Obama are now not a credible choice.

Speaker [score]Paul Ryan[/score] is a farce when protecting conservative values.  He along with [score]Mitch McConnell[/score] have caved into Obama too often. Many of his attacks on Trump are unjustified. Sharia is not compatible with democracy or homosexuality. Killing all infidels is part of the Koran according to some.  Trump used the term Mexican, but he could have just said the judge was appointed by Obama, a member of LaRaza and maybe gave money  to the Clinton Foundation. Has Obama ever appointed anyone that did not agree or was more agreeable with his agenda?

Have there been convictions when the only crime was being politically incorrect? A difference of opinion on guns, climate change, EPA regulations, etc.

For the past number of year the Department of State has not helped refugees to assimilate. Being an anchor baby or just being born on American soil does not make you American. Even when we have taken in refugees in the past there were quotas and restrictions,

Guns are not the problem. Gun free zones are death zones. Look at all the methods that Isis has uses to kill. How many had more collateral damage?

Hillary and Trump are at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to safety and national security. Look at the money that the Clinton foundation has received from Arab or Moslem countries. Can women vote for a women that receives money where women are treated as second class citizens. Let the anti-gun people go without additional paid security.

This election is now about continuing the Obama agenda with Hillary, or electing Trump. It is the reverse of a George Wallace election when an African-American voted fir George Wallace because he knew where Wallace stood. The country knows where Obama stands, while Trump has no political record.

I still disagree with Trump on his treatment of women and majorities. He has a problem with some governors because they know the issues with the Federal government. Trump is a wild card on social issues, is he liberal, or libertarian, or even conservative? Generalizations are almost always bad. Kicking all who disagree with him to the curb is wrong. The issues of disagreement need to be clarified.


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