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Back in October, at a low point in the Trump campaign, Mr. Trump correctly questioned whether the election would be fairly conducted, or possibly rigged.  The Democrat Governor of Virginia was taking unprecedented action to allow convicted felons to vote, to give Hillary Clinton a boost. California Governor Jerry Brown was taking unprecedented action to allow illegal aliens to “legally” cast votes, and similar actions were underway in at least one or two other states, all to give a boost to Democrat Hillary Clinton.  Even more outrageous was the address to a Hispanic group by Barack Obama, encouraging illegal aliens to register and vote.

Yet in spite of indefensible and openly illegal and immoral acts by President Obama and at least two state governors to rig the election for Hillary Clinton, the mainstream media firestorm and fiery statements by Hillary Clinton and other Democrats were directed not at the President, the Governors of California and Virginia, but towards Trump.   He was facing attempts to rig the election yet Democrats called him un-American and unwilling to gracefully accept defeat if he lost.

In the days immediately following Mr. Trump’s surprise victory, the same Democrats who vilified Mr. Trump for suggesting he might not gracefully accept defeat, went immediately on the attack and refused to concede defeat gracefully as they demanded of Trump just one month earlier. The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton swiftly moved to create false narratives ( lies ) to try pinning Hillary Clinton’s defeat on Trump rigging the election ! First they blamed Hillary defeat on FBI Director Comey, for announcing further investigation of Hillary’s 33,000 missing – then – recovered e-mails days before the election. Next the Democrats blamed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for derailing Hillary Clinton by his release of e-mails damaging to Mrs. Clinton via hacked computers. As the assault on President-Elect Trump continued, Democrats next move was to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin, via an ” investigation ” by the National Security Agency, which conveniently concluded that Russian President Putin had agents hacking computers and actively working against the Democrats to help Mr. Trump win election.

Based on this narrative on the heels of the two previous attacks on FBI Director Comey and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, the Democrats, led by Barack Obama, have summarily announced that Russia was to blame for attempts to hack computers and influence the election to help Mr. Trump. President Obama, already mounting an all-out “scorched earth ” strategy to do as much more damage to America as possible during his last weeks as a lame duck President, decided to provoke Putin and Russia, possibly hoping to start a war, or at least create a serious crisis that would bog down President Trump during his first weeks in office. After Mr. Putin failed to take the bait after Mr. Obama expelled 36 Russian diplomats from our country, Mr. Obama’s next move this week was to send American military troops and several thousand tanks to Germany that are destined to be deployed in Eastern Europe. The obvious motive was to provoke Mr. Putin again. Clearly Mr. Obama wants war, or at least a prolonged diplomatic crisis to dump in President Trump’s lap on January 20.

With the GOP fully in control of the Presidency, both houses of Congress, two thirds of state and local offices nationwide, and a looming confirmation that will return us to a conservative Supreme Court, Obama and the Democrats are frantic.  Obama knows that 90-100% of his “legacy” will likely be destroyed within 3-6 months, and Obama and the Democrats are desperate to the point of taking actions not only irresponsible, but outright dangerous to our 330 million citizens. A frightening comparison can be made, between Obama’s mad dog desperation to destroy America in his last few days in office, to the mad dog desperation of Adolph Hitler, making wildly irrational and useless orders to nonexistent armies, and maniacally roaring and flailing his arms in the bunker in the last days of World War II.

There are strong indications, first from Putin’s non retaliation for Obama expelling 36 Russian diplomats, to his thus far shrugging off the arrival of American tanks and troops in Eastern Europe this week. Add to this that Trump, a man Putin both respects and fears, will replace Obama, a man Putin considers a weak and indecisive ” paper tiger ” in 11 days, and one cannot remotely believe that Putin will “take Obama’s bait”.  Putin knows Obama is attempting to play Putin, and Putin will not be played. Obama’s bizarre desperation and “scorched earth ” actions in his last days in office point clearly to one hard, cold fact; Obama is a failed President, and even the Democratic Party realizes this fact. Donald Trump’s inauguration cannot come a minute too soon.


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