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Chris Wallace’s first guest – on Fox News Sunday 08/05/2018 – was National Security advisor John Bolton; Wallace contentiously insisted that POTUS Trump – in contradistinction with his Administration – in claiming the Press is fixated upon Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election and Russia’s planned meddling in the Congressional elections this year (2018). Wallace on three or four occasions demanded Bolton to “square-the-circle,” and Wallace wasn’t satisfied by Bolton’s response. Bolton indicated that Trump directed DHS secretary Kirstjen Neilson – and other Administration officials to publicly indicate what the intelligence agencies claim vis-à-vis the 2018 Mid-Terms. Bolton insisted that “Trump knew exactly what Neilson would say at her Thursday Press Briefing (08/02/2018); he’s the one that directed that it be held and came as a result of a National Security meeting we held the Friday before…” Bolton went onto say (paraphrase) ‘The President wanted the American people to hear from the agencies what they see regarding the 2018 mid-terms and possible Russian meddling.’ And when Wallace continued to insist Trump is denying the danger posed by Russians, Bolton indicated that Trump’s remarks regarding ‘the hoax of Russian meddling’ were regarding his winning the Presidency; Bolton indicated that Trump is addressing the Press’s conflating Russian interference with the Trump victory.

It is a shame that Bolton – an individual that clearly keeps his policy advocacies separate from politics – didn’t ask Wallace: “Hey Chris, why aren’t you – and your “objective” pals in the Press – as concerned with clearly differentiating between the 2016 Trump campaign, and the Russian interference? It would seem that if any member of the Press makes any such distinction, it is uttered perfunctorily, and as a prelude to then conflate the two issues; as Press members – including you – then bore into whatever representative of the Trump administration is available. To a casual observer of the News, each report or discussion about Russian meddling – Chris – intimates that President Trump and his campaign conspired with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. It is completely understandable that Trump is agitated…” Alas, Bolton is not a culture warrior.

Wallace then goes onto mention Mueller’s indictment of 12 military intelligence officers of the GRU (Russian intelligence agents), to substantiate that the Russians were definitely involved in the election, and then asks Bolton why Trump calls the investigation a hoax. Bolton acknowledges Wallace’s claims vis-à-vis the intelligence agencies claims but indicates that Trump is referring to how the Press covers the investigations, which again, would lead a casual observer to come to believe that Trump’s Presidency is illegitimate because it was stolen… Bolton indicates that there isn’t any evidence – in the public record – which would fuel such a narrative…

If only Bolton were animated politically, he could have asked: “What is the difference between an indictment and conviction, Chris?” And: “Gee Chris – even if Robert Mueller was conflicted with all kinds of conflicts of interest – indicting Russians, or ham sandwiches (it is said a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich), seems to be nothing, but a political stunt, as Andrew McCarthy (former Federal Prosecutor; presently writes at NRO, and is a Fox News contributor), and others have stated. Mueller – and the US Federal Government – will never have the indicted Russians in a Federal courtroom; for all you – or I know Chris – Mueller’s indictment of the 12 GRU members may be as phony as Steele dossier. And this is the very thing which irritates the President; the Press intimate his guilt in whatever the social-political Left alleges he, and his campaign, are said to have done, and the intimations are repeated and repeated. On this issue, the Press unrelentingly ranges from mere subtle intimation that Trump is illegitimate to outright convict Trump of treason, and yet Chris, there isn’t a shred of evidence for any of the allegations of conspiring with Russians to subvert the 2016 Presidential election.”

Wallace asserts: “One of the most powerful ways that Mr. Trump can try to prevent any meddling in the 2018 election is to stand up – in public – and tell Vladimir Putin to “knock it off!”” Bolton indicated that Trump agrees with the intelligence agencies regarding the 2016 election – and Russia’s attempt to meddle – but Trump, again, does not agree with the manner the Press covers such facts.

Bolton should have said: “Gee, Chris how did Putin respond to Obama’s “powerful knock it off”?” And then Bolton should have said: “President Trump is right when he says that meddling is what all Governments do, including the USA! What we ought to be doing is to anticipate what avenues we may be meddled with, and increase our resources to thwart such meddling… And this is what POTUS Trump has done and is doing…”

Wallace changed gears and then took umbrage with Trump for calling the Press “an enemy of the people” and then asked Bolton for comment. Bolton intimated – to Wallace – that the Press bias runs toward antipathy for Trump, and thus, it is likely Bolton didn’t give Wallace the solace he seemed to want. So Wallace asked: ‘enemy of the people? What wars the Press has started?’ Bolton spoke of historic Press bias he has witnessed since Barry Goldwater’s Presidential run, and then closed the issue by saying: “…but I think this kind of adversarial relationship is difficult.”

The question from Wallace seems to indicate that Chris Wallace doesn’t actually see how much the Press manages – rather than reports – News; not only by how and what they emphasize as they do their by reporting, but also by not reporting (or mumbling) stories which are contrary to the cultural, and worldview, narrative amenable to the Press, which the Press consciously, or unconsciously, incessantly promotes…

Wallace next interviewed Senator Marco Rubio; Wallace queried Rubio about the Mueller probe, a piece of legislation Rubio is proposing which would allow the Director of National Intelligence to impose sanctions upon a “meddler.” Wallace asked Rubio if it is the case that Rubio doesn’t trust POTUS Trump to impose sanctions. Rubio responded: ‘that he does trust Trump, and that the legislation is a proposal which is being finessed with Democrat colleague, and the end result would still require the DNI to clear sanctions with the President…’

Next Wallace asked Rubio about the Mueller probe and some of the same issues he asked Bolton. When he asked Rubio for comment about Trump’s tweet to ‘end-the-witch-hunt’ to Jeff Sessions, Rubio indicated that Trump and his Administration would benefit from allowing the investigation to continue until completed. And Rubio asserted: ‘Although I cannot comment upon the outcome of the investigation, everything I’ve seen (testimony and records), indicates that the President, his campaign, and Administration will benefit from the investigation…’ Rubio repeated himself, which indicated that Rubio was intimating Mueller doesn’t have anything, and all of those hoping for some incriminating evidence is going to be bitterly disappointed…

The panel included Susan Page, Karl Rove, Jason Riley, and Philippe Reines. One issue of interest was how Trump deals with and/or deals with the Press. Page was worried and offended, Reines thought the Press should shun Trump, reporting only things they cannot not report (Reines also advocated reporting only “truth,” Reines worked for Hillary and the Demonic-rats; thus, truth is: whatever view benefits Demonic-rats…), Rove finds Trump’s conduct contemptuous, Jason Riley (Wall Street Journal) indicated that ‘Trump is mal-treated by the Press, and if they want respect from Trump, they oughta try giving Trump some…’

The other issues were immigration issues, Rove responded Trump should speak about immigration and border security but forget the Wall. Reines addressed ‘shutting down the Government to get the Wall,’ and he indicated he didn’t think Trump cares about keeping the Republican majority in the House, because he could run against the Democratic Congress in 2020…

Wallace also interviewed Cody Wilson – regarding – 3-D images and printing firearms; an interesting segment; Wilson was articulate and pretty much owned Wallace.

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