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Fox News provides 20% of the Revenues for its Parent corporation.  But it is now destroying its most successful commentators.  Most other organizations go all out to defend their assets. The NFL & the NBA  defend their stars even when they beat their wives, sexually abuse women, punch others, do drugs or run around with, or even use, guns. Yet, Fox News has used claims of  sexual harassment by O’Reilly, their most successful host,  as an excuse to fire him!  Why?

This outrage about Sexual Harassment was all a fake.  The advertisers had no problem supporting Hillary; even though she headed up the “Bimbo Eruptions Unit” that abused women who had already been sexually abused by Bill Clinton.

Liberals do not care a whit about women being Sexually Harassed.  When Woody Allen slept with his step-daughter, Hollywood worked overtime to rehabilitate him. Roman Polansky was convicted in 1997 of raping a 13-year-old. 40 years later, Hollywood is still working to rehabilitate Polansky.  Political liberals are now working to rehabilitate Anthony Weiner, who was sexting with various young women.  And no liberal ever mentions the plight of women under Shari’ah law; not even when they are killed in “honor” killings in America.  Nor do they ever mention the disgusting Islamic practice of Female Genital Mutilation; practiced on children as young as 7!! Not even when it is being practiced by a Johns Hopkins trained doctor in Detroit! How could they possibly be so outraged at whatever O’Reilly is supposed to have done?

We are losing our one Conservative TV News site because the liberal Murdoch Brothers now control Fox News:  Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch is in his late eighties.  His sons, Lachlan and James Murdoch, are liberals. James and his wife Kathryn are ardent Environmentalists and Global Warming supporters.  Kathryn is on the Board of Trustees of the Environmental Defense Fund.  Lachlan’s wife Sarah works for Hillary’s Clinton Global Initiative. Their wives control the Murdoch brothers and have convinced them to remake Fox News as a liberal organization.

The #2 owner of the Fox News empire is Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal*, who strongly opposes President Trump’s attempt to stop Muslim Terrorist infiltration of our country. In exchange for helping Rupert stave off a hostile takeover, bin Talal obtained sufficient influence* over the Murdochs and through them, of Fox News.  This is why Fox News downplays the massive Saudi influence over American politics; particularly over the Democrat Party. After Trump’s win; bin Talal has obviously redoubled his efforts to silence any support for President Trump.

In 2012, Obama won only because he weaponized the IRS and silenced his biggest Conservative opponents, the Tea Party. And Obama controlled the Media, which never mentioned Obama’s various failures; on Foreign Policy, like in Benghazi or Syria; or Domestic Policy, like Obamacare.

But, in 2016, Hillary lost.  Liberals had successfully silenced all the Liberal News Media – None of them reported on the violations of national security, the bribery or the corruption of Hillary and her “charitable” organization, the Clinton Global Initiative.  But Fox News did.  No doubt the liberals believe Fox News’ exposure of the multiple Hillary scandals and crimes helped President Trump win the election. Liberals won’t allow Fox News to remain conservative.   And now, they are willing to lose big bucks; and get rid of the influential and extremely profitable Conservatives Christians on Fox News.  All in pursuit of their liberal ideology.

Their plan is to oust all the Conservative Christians on Fox News:

Roger Ailes, a son of a Christian pastor, the brilliant creator and founder of the conservative Fox News was ousted on Sexual Harassment charges.

Bill O’Reilly, another Christian, the #1 Cable News star for 20 years on Fox News, was also ousted on Sexual Harassment charges.  Fox News hatched a very elaborate plot; a replica of what Liberals did to Rush Limbaugh over the Sandra Fluke issue; and what they did to President Trump during the campaign. First, women associates claimed they were harassed – One even claimed she was “emotionally harassed’! Then, the NY Times made sensational claims; immediately copied and amplified by other liberal media. Next came Gloria Allred, ready to collect big fees by filing lawsuits and forcing settlements.  Next were bots producing thousands of fake Tweets and fake FB posts threatening to boycott Advertisers’ products if the Advertisers continued to advertise on O’Reilly. The withdrawal of the advertisers provided the excuse for the Murdoch brothers’ wives to fire O’Reilly. As Limbaugh explained, there is a way to fight this.  But it is obvious the Murdoch wives did not want to.

Tucker Carlson, another Christian with a fantastic following; twice that of Megyn Kelly, is to be ousted in a different way.  He is being forced to talk about liberal drivel such as Caitlyn Jenner and her feelings.  This is the technique Disney used on ESPN.  It purchased an extremely popular sports network; pushed out its professional sports commentators; and replaced them with LGBT supporting gay commentators breathlessly asking “Is he gay?” instead of talking about the game.  The public got fed up and left in droves.  ESPN is now laying off workers.  Similarly, we will stop watching Tucker Carlson and, of course, this will drive down Carlson’s fantastic ratings.  Then, the Murdoch Brothers’ wives will drive out Carlson for “failing ratings.”

Sean Hannity, another Christian, one of President Trump’s biggest supporters and a strong supporter of Israel, is also on the chopping block.  Can’t believe they are using the same ploy of Sexual Harassment. However,  Hannity is fighting back.  Hannity has retained attorneys to sue the accuser.  And now, Debbie Schussel, the accuser, is walking back her claim.

You have to wonder why anyone hires a woman It seems like they use their mentors to advance themselves; and then turn around and destroy them by suing for sexual harassment!!

Lou Dobbs, another Christian, is also a fantastically popular, outspoken conservative host of Fox Business News. Fearless in his criticism of the Establishment, including the RINO’s. Strong in his support for President Trump’s policies.  How long will he last?

When Fox News gets rid of all its Christians and converts itself to MSNBC; the American Public will be force fed liberal garbage and fake news.  Where will we turn?

We are losing access to Social Media too.  Facebook will censor conservative sites – just as it used  “Hate Crimes”  and “Islamophobia” as an excuse to remove 30,000 conservative sites in France just before the recent election. Whistleblowers report that Facebook routinely suppressed Conservative News.* And,  in fact, various US Conservative sites already report Twitter & Facebook are deleting their posts.

Google spies on their workers, ostensibly to prevent leaks.  But, in fact, to check on their political loyalty to the Google & the Democrat Party.  Google faces potential $3.8 billion lawsuit over internal ‘spying’ program based on workers ratting each other out.  There are many ways in which Google uses its vast powers to act as a censor and master manipulator.  In fact, another whistleblower claims that Google instructs its workers and its contractors to put Conservative sites low down on their search engines, so conservative newsfeeds would not be visible to people searching the internet.  As one author says, “We don’t let public utilities make arbitrary and secretive decisions about denying people services; we shouldn’t let Google do so either.” But for now, Google is the master controller of the information the public receives.

We Conservatives will have no “Freedom of Speech” This will be limited to those who support, and are supported by, Liberals/Socialists/Communists.  They will riot, beat us up and prevent us from speaking. Milo Yiannopoulos, David Horowitz, Anne Coulter, Charles Murray, Ben Shapiro, Heather McDonald, and just about any conservative, is prevented from speaking at Campuses across America.

Meantime, liberal Communist teachers are free to Denigrate our President and run down Conservatives:  One high school teacher walked around with signs on her back saying “Tuck Frump” with the letters F-U-C-K clearly spelled out. Communist Professors are free to incite violence against our President demanding that  he should be hung;* While other Communist Professors incite more violence by depicting our President beheaded and the University of Alaska proudly displays this as “a work of art”!

Final Step: We become Venezuela. Venezuela was once a very rich nation.  But it has been reduced to dire poverty by Socialists. There is absolutely no food.  The public is now reduced to eating their cats and dogs.  The public rose up and defeated President Chavez’s successor Nicolas Maduro by electing his opponents to control the Legislature.  But Maduro struck back by using his Supreme Court to virtually abolish the Legislature. Maduro also ordered his police to use tear gas and batons on the people.  Using the excuse of “Gun Control,” Maduro removed guns from law-abiding people.  And when they rose up objecting that the Socialist/Communists have ruined Venezuela’s economy; stolen all the country’s money; and that they literally have nothing to eat; Maduro provided his supporters with guns, knowing they will be used against Venezuela’s law abiding people.  There have been riots for the past 4 weeks; and yet, Maduro remains in power.

This is “Socialism:” First Socialists/Communists talk compassion and love for the poor; democracy and “tolerance;” call us “racists,” and “Islamophobes” and intimidate us. Once they get power; they never let go.  They use the media, the regulations, the laws and the judiciary to oppress the people.  Even if we overcome all of these obstacles; stop listening to them; and start winning elections; they never give up their power.  Instead, they turn to violence and murder.

We’re not there yet.  But we are definitely on the way.



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