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Following the election of Donald Trump, most of America and the world were in a state of disbelieve at what was a groundswell of support and a political upheaval. And in the aftermath, we now witness the total mental and emotional collapse of Hillary Clinton supporters. Admittedly, the election results were a shock to our collective psyche, even for many Trump supporters. But for liberals, progressives, democrats, it had a far greater effect, it was catastrophic and the repercussions are what can best be described as psychotic, manifesting themselves in abhorrent behavior that includes protests, insulting and damning speech across the political and public spectrum, journalistic malfeasance, a tempestuous and insolent celebrity uprising, shedding tears on camera by hosts on cable and broadcast news channels, even death threats to electors to deny Trump their vote.


A snowflake is the name that has been given to these disenfranchised souls who are finding it almost unbearable to face reality. On college campuses, students have been offered grief counseling and therapy; this future of America. The actions and behavior of the American snowflakes have taken them from the height of absurdity to the very depths of despair and the need for consolation. Personally, I’m embarrassed and can only guess what the rest of the world think of us.


Aside from all the clamor and civil unrest, there have been speakers of one sort or another who must also be in dire straits because of the election; these desperate souls have made comments, some innocuous, but others that defy reason. In a recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama expressed feelings of hopelessness, and how it was painful to watch the election results.


The First Lady is of course, like her husband is partisan and jaded in her thinking, and apparently is oblivious to the realization that a good many of the American people, who voted for the president elect, began to lose hope soon after Mr. Obama took office. The First Couple have been the engine that has driven this nation apart both racially and ideologically, they have eroded religious liberty and traditional values, created tremendous tension between law enforcement and the public leading to civil unrest, and to the deaths of police officers at the hands of demented killers incited on by radical elements in the black community. “Hope and Change” was their motto back in 2008, I guess now it’s let’s hope things change.


It is understandable that the president has his diehard supporters, Americans who will make any excuse, even defy the facts and truth, in an effort to undermine any criticisms and rebuke of Mr. Obama. But in what has to be one of the most absurd articles appeared in the New York Daily News by the columnist Linda Stasi, who bestows on the president such praise and adulation, it could make one wonder if she dwelled in an alternate reality. It is her contention that the president is a “man loathed and hated”, by conservatives. Ms. Stasi’s article provides the reader with a litany of issues, from the economy to international affairs that the president has achieved great and unquestioned success in. Most of her facts can be disputed, assessed objectively and proved wrong. But yet the newspaper saw fit to print this embarrassing drivel. Ms. Stasi concludes her petition for sainthood for the president with these words, “He is the most honest, decent, a class act”?


And then there’s this, in a December 15 edition of the “Axe Files” podcast, Denis McDonough, White House Chief of Staff told the interviewer, Barack Obama was “one of our most Catholic of Presidents”. He then goes on to comment that of course this is not to say that he “does everything consistent with Catholic teaching”. This is not only absurd on its face, but is tantamount to blasphemy. Barack Obama, by all accounts, and most Catholics and members of the clergy and lay organizations would agree, is considered to be the most anti-Catholic president to have held office in recent memory. This president:

  • Supports partial-birth abortion (infanticide)
  • Opposed the Defense of Marriage Act
  • Supports same sex marriage
  • Opposes the display of the Ten Commandments
  • Is a Threat to religious liberty, especially for Christians
  • Promotes and encourages the LGBT agenda,
  • Opposes school choice
  • Endorses and promotes gender neutral restrooms
  • Supports embryonic stem cell research


These are just a few; there are other issues that would require lengthy explanation. Suffice it to say, Barack Obama’s position on most social and religious issues are antithetical to Church doctrine and teachings; he is no friend or supporter of the Catholic Church.


Yes indeed folks, and you thought that a derangement syndrome (DS) was more a phenomenon. But things change, and so to the human psyche. DS can now be recognized as just another part of life, and can be added to the lexicon of the English language, as that which befalls those on the left when they don’t get their way.


In the final analysis, consider this. We are a tolerant, giving and generous people; God fearing Americans who are capable of extending a helping hand to the less fortunate and mentally challenged, so let us not condemn, mock, insult, rebuke these poor misguided and confused snowflakes, no we must show them pity, and “Forgive them for they know not what they do”.


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