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As we watch the many events in the Middle East, one would have to admit that, for those who reject the Bible, the idea of willingly ignorant sure rings a bell.

The major players are all listed in the noted scriptures.

Some Bible scholars have for some time identified Gog Magog as Russia.

Of course Iran as we know was Persia in history.

Libya,and the others that are mentioned are all in line with the major powers,

Right now Syria is the focus as we have seen in the last few days where a U.S. aircraft took down a Syrian plane.

This brings to memory the movie Top Gun and also the Bedford Incident; ” If he fires one…”Wammo!”

As a Bible prophecy student, I am aware that the world is moving in the direction of the final world government.One has only to look at the idea of climate change as the most dangerous thing that is threatening the world, according to Barack Obama and Al Gore.

The saddest aspect in my humble opinion is the how easily led, and naive the average college student is today. Instead of individual decision making, we are in an age of mob rule.A mob has no real direction, it follows the loudest, and today there are many.

Of course they are under a leader, the money providers such as George Soros.

He had said in the past that the one obstacle to the world government was the United States, and he is doing all he can with his billions to bring us down.

The only sad satisfaction I derive from the possible downfall of America is that there will be mass suffering, and as the old children’s rhyme says : Ashes to ashes, we all fall down.

I am praying and hoping for one more great awakening with millions turning to the Lord Jesus Christ, but in a recent article, it said that there is a massive movement from the church to Islam.

The deceiver is hard at work as I believe he/she (gender neutral) has been cast out and is doing the best to help those who ignorantly are being led to destruction.

May God have mercy on this once great country as the president has vowed to bring it back, but the opposition is powerful, and even many in his own party are just as bad in their lack of support.

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