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At a time of icy relations with the U.S., Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a rare and surprising interview to 60 Minutes. Some of you may remember that airtime on September 27, 2015. Charlie Rose is the correspondent, Andy Court, producer. Vladimir Putin was interviewed right before his speech at the UN General Assembly’s 70th session. (You may see the CBS News script.)

But did you know that of the 60 minutes interview Andy Court released only 20 minutes of the content? Aren’t you eager to find out what “so unimportant” was left behind the scene? Here it is, the rare opportunity to get to the bottom of D.C.’s propaganda and censorship.

Thanks to Harrison Koehli ( who two days later, on September 29, 2015 published the full unedited text of Vladimir Putin’s interview with Charlie Rose taken from Kremlin official website.

To get your attention, I have copied four of Rose’s questions and Putin’s answers from the script prepared by the Russians.

CHARLIE ROSE: Think out loud for me though, because this is important. How can the United States and Russia cooperate in the interest of a better world? Think out loud.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: We think about it all the time. One of our objectives today is very important for many people, for millions of people on our planet – it is joining efforts in the fight against terrorism and other similar challenges: countering drug-trafficking and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, fighting famine, preserving the environment and biodiversity, taking efforts to make the world more predictable, more stable. And, finally, Russia…

CHARLIE ROSE: Stable where?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Everywhere, in all parts of the world. You mentioned yourself that Russia and the United States are the biggest nuclear powers; this leaves us with an extra special responsibility. By the way, we manage to deal with it and work together in certain fields, particularly in resolving the issue of the Iranian nuclear program. We worked together and we achieved positive results, on the whole.

CHARLIE ROSE: How did it work? President Obama has often thanked you for the assistance that you gave in reaching the final accord. What did you do? What did your negotiators contribute, your Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: The thing is, however strange it may seem, that the interests of the United States and of the Russian Federation do coincide sometimes. And in this case – I just told you that we have a special responsibility for the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction – our interests certainly coincide. That is why, together with the United States, we worked hard and consistently on resolving this problem. Russia was guided not only by these reasons but also by the fact that Iran is our neighbor, our traditional partner, and we wanted to bring the situation back on track. We believed that this settlement will help to improve the security situation in the Middle East. In this respect, our assessments of what happened on Iran’s nuclear program almost fully coincide with the assessments of our American colleagues.

CHARLIE ROSE: As you know, the Republicans are likely to win the elections. As for Iran’s nuclear deal, there is a big debate. What would you tell them?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: I have just said it. If you need me to repeat it, I can. I am confident that the

agreement we have achieved meets the interests of international security, strengthens the situation in the region, puts serious obstacles to the proliferation of nuclear weapons because this situation is under full and all-round control of the IAEA, and improves the situation in the Middle East on the whole, because it allows for building normal commercial business, partnerships and political relations with all countries in the region.

Looks like C. Rose is helpless in his wish to publish the whole interview… Censorship on CBS (as in the whole media) just gave only 1/3 of the talk. They do not want us (U.S.) to know the truth.

Then, go and discover it yourself – the truth is out there.


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