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IT is never an easy path when choosing the person to lead the greatest nation God has created. But we must start somewhere, and the question is what are the reasons to support or not support a candidate?

This year the race has been anything but boring, and now we are down to less than 90 days and have choices. Do we choose Principles and integrity, a person who states exciting words that insult or divide Americans into groups, or do we choose the one capable of criminal activity that is so well hidden, that nothing sticks to them?

I prefer a person who has a record of defending America, over one who has abused the laws of America.I prefer a person who strives to honor the Constitution and not one who tries to corrupt, destroy, or rape the Consitution for their own good.

We know that the criminally inept Hillary stood by and watched Americans being killed in a most gruesome way at Benghazi when she had the ability to order assistance. We know that Hillary, believing she was above the law took her emails and created her own server to circumvent government scrutiny. We know that Hillary has been well acquainted with several dozen people who have come to an early death due to uncommon causes. Each of them had only one thing in common, the acquaintance of Hillary and Bill, or both.

We know that the mentally inept Donald Trump has had his fair share of criminal activity from racketeering to soliciting funds for a bogus University. We know that Donald has abused eminent Domain against an elderly woman, and ripped several hundred contractors out of their pay by using the protection of four separate but cruel bankruptcies. We are more than aware of the misogyny and adulterous nature of Donald, including his latest marriage to a porn star that has questionable citizenship status. We are aware that Donald has insulted, called names, and acted like the playground bully in the primaries, and now is in a slump because he has come up against a political machine that can tear his words apart within moments. George Soros, a major liberal, socialist known to support liberals also is friends with and supported Donald financially, along with several Wallstreet banks.

We know that a new, fresh face has joined the ruckus. Evan McMullin. We know he put his life on the line several times in fighting for freedom of Americans in the Middle East and has played several roles as an ambassador in name to convince our allies to be a part of fighting ISIS. Evan believes in a strong military, protection of all life from conception to the elderly. We know he believes in securing the southern border, and keeping the word of the federal and state governments to follow existing laws to any illegal immigrants who cross that border once it has the wall. We know he believes in simplifying and lowering taxes, creating more trade opportunities while securing a fair trading field for America. We know that Evan shoots from the hip in a respectful, but strong voice. We know that Evan is built upon a foundation of principles, and integrity, and does not falter in those foundations. We see his love of America, and belief in the Constitution.

So starting today, Americans can show their true colors. Are they waving the RED, WHITE, and Blue, or are their colors full of fades and blotches? Do they stand upon a foundation of principles and integrity, or are they just concerned bout their own selfish desires? Today we need to listen to the late, and great President JFK when he stated”Do not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, and support a person of principle and integrity. RINOS and Socialistic criminals are not the answer for America. We have seen what a pushing of liberal ideals has done to dividing America and making America much weaker. Now is time for substance, strength, love of country, and a principled leader.

Today I walk proudly to support Evan McMullin for President and believe in his commitment to making the government once again answerable to the citizens, and not the rich and powerful of D.C. and New York.


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