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Most of the Media has put themselves on a pinnacle where they can initiate and control the direction of our Society. I recent their attitude of arrogance and omnipotence. In the past we could depend on our Media to keep us informed; to relate the truth.  There were those who gave their opinion, and they claimed it to be so.

But today their words are so twisted and out of context, that one must dig far and deep to come up with the truth. They mostly want to ingratiate the “Headliners”, to enhance their ability to get a lead on current happenings.

A recent article proclaimed the GOP is considering distancing themselves from Trump to save the Senate seats they hope to win.  I find it hard to believe they could be so misguided in their judgement. I also find it hard to believe they would forgo the Oval Office for a Senate Seat. The Republicans recently had control of the Senate and did nothing with it, other than to increase their individual status along with their Democratic “brethren”.

I reserve my own judgement on any writings from our Media.  I have read books on Jefferson, G. Washington, Thoreau, Dr. Ben Carson, The Bible, and oh yes, I have even read one book by Glen Beck. Having been on this Planet for so many years I have had the pleasure of reading a great many works.  I do not use the Kindle/Digital variety.  I prefer to leaf through the pages myself, without the fear of my batteries running down at a good part. I can sit on the porch in the afternoon and read without the Sun glaring off the pages as they may do with Digital words. I use five (5) different News publications for current events, and also the TV News broadcasts. I also have two researchers that I tap into on occasion. I spend a great deal of time attempting to ferret out the lies and insinuations.

The recent attempts by the Media, to put a ‘HALO’ over the head of Hillary Clinton, and a ‘RED PITCHFORK’ in the hand of Donald Trump, for me, has put a huge question mark on whatever I read or they proffer. Most of what I write today is probably best described as my sole opinion and interpretation of the published written word by our so-called Free Press.  They are intimidated and encouraged by the greed and notoriety afforded to them, and the subjects of their articles.

I believe the “NEVER HILLARY”, and the “NEVER TRUMP” factions have gone all out to vilify the respective candidate, forcing them each to spend most of their time bantering back and forth at each other, instead of sticking to the issues that the American people really care about.

Both candidates are, after all, Human, and subject to Human error.  But also they do lie somewhat, in their attempts to downgrade the Naysayers words.

It is becoming a vicious circle.  One that is mind boggling to many.  I have heard such mumblings of disgust and disillusion, followed by “…I’m not voting…”.

Perhaps that is the ultimate goal by a “behind-the-scenes” faction; deplete the will to vote, open the door for a Dictatorial Government, a controlled press.




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