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Few people outside the EU understand why the EU is called ‘fascist’. Even so, a study of what it is and does will give a very clear indication.

So many observers have complained about mass out of control migration by Muslims that the EU has decided to pass a law (passing laws is supposedly not part of the EU brief – but it passes them anyway!) to stop any form of comment it does not like. In this way they hope to silence blogs and websites that are critical of the EU. It does it by pretending that the issue is about racism, etc., but it is easy to see through this disguise! The USA is considering how to implement a similar law.

The EU has now decided that free speech is ‘xenophobia and hate speech’. As the Gatestone Institute says, the EU definitions are so vague (the usual structure of laws designed to catch as many people as possible) that “virtually anything deemed politically incorrect, including criticism of mass migration, Islam or even the EU itself” will come under the EU’s draconian hammer. As a commentator, I see the ghost of the past, of the rise of Nazism, coming back with great fervor… and this is not far-fetched given that the ‘queen’ of Europe is Merkel and her German state.

This law has already been passed, and it requires that all “offensive” material is removed from the internet within 24 hours. Or else! Because of its vagueness, the law makes just about every person in Europe a ‘racist’. In other words, everyone is being warned not to be critical of the EU. In this totalitarian move the EU enlists social media to join it. Facebook is already on the case of Palestinians who write anything against the PA, even when it is true and vital. One blogger, Khaled Abu Toameh, managed to keep his head, but his site was taken down for 24 hours and then put back again – minus any entries critical of the PA. Facebook, Twitter, and so on, are complicit and call it a “Code of Conduct”.

The primary reason for this imposition is that the EU wants to eliminate any criticism of mass migration, which is harming everyone in Europe. The USA is already working on this kind of media blackout for the same reason. Obama and the EU are firstly defining what is ‘hate speech’ (criticism of themselves), and then they are drawing up laws to punish it. As Solzhenitsyn once said, if Russia decided to make everyone with red hair a criminal, suddenly red haired people would land up in prison or the Gulags. This is a mark of totalitarianism – it can invent any laws it likes, and they will all be used to sustain and protect unreasonable behavior of rulers.

The text of this requirement (to criminalize those who are critical) says:

“By signing this code of conduct, the IT companies commit to continuing their efforts to tackle illegal hate speech online. This will include the continued development of internal procedures and staff training to guarantee that they review the majority of valid notifications for removal of illegal hate speech in less than 24 hours and remove or disable access to such content, if necessary.

“The IT companies will also endeavor to strengthen their ongoing partnerships with civil society organisations who will help flag content that promotes incitement to violence and hateful conduct. The IT companies and the European Commission also aim to continue their work in identifying and promoting independent counter-narratives [emphasis added], new ideas and initiatives, and supporting educational programs that encourage critical thinking.”  (Code of Conduct on Countering Illegal Hate Speech Online’,, May 31st).

Yet, the EU body responsible for ‘passing’ this piece of legislation is unelected. Note how it proposes to train people in ‘critical thinking’… the same thinking that will get them silenced! But, of course, in EU-speke, ‘critical thinking’ is defined as ‘anything commanded by the EU’.

The social media companies on board will themselves police the internet, using the services of “trusted reporters” in all 28 member states, to spy on websites and blog sites. They will then report back on content that “promotes incitement to violence and hateful content”. I doubt very much if violent jihadists will be spied-on or reported. This is not just Orwellian – it is full-fledged fascism. Any reasonable person reading this will come to the same conclusion. What else are those “trusted reporters” but a resurrection of the old Nazi collaborators and Brown Shirts, who spied on neighbors and family, to hand them over for destruction?

As I have said elsewhere, when a large body resorts to laws that silence genuine criticism, it is a sure sign that it has nothing of value to protect. When the market place of ideas is closed, there is then no way to discuss, or complain about, what harms society. I have also noted over the past decade how the UK government has stopped serving the people who elected it. The reason is simple – those elected are no longer representing the people who voted for them… they are now controlled by the EU. This is why future elections will be meaningless. And the electorate will be hung out to dry… if not literally hanged for the treason of thinking freely.

If the EU is allowed to get away with this stark attack on free speech (which is really aimed at criticism of mass migration by hateful jihadists), Muslim migration will quickly overtake the people of Europe. Then, even the EU rulers will be subjected to sharia and brutal removal.


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