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A couple of days ago, I posted on my Facebook account that Europe is screwed. Why? When a multiculturally brainwashed citizenry elect an avowed Muslim follower and sympathizer as mayor of their largest city; approve national politicians who are more supportive of climate change and political correctness than stopping people hellbent on wiping out your culture to freely cross your borders; accept disarming citizens to legally carry firearms to defend themselves; and believe that hashtags, national flags, and smiley emojis will defend you against ideological thugs that you’ve allowed to invade your country, you are screwed. When innocent people get slaughtered in your streets, over and over again, your society has sunk to the level of politically correct insanity.

This PC insanity can be seen far beyond these terrorist attacks themselves. Toothless local and national police, globalist national leaders, and media elites combine to censor any public references to Muslim, Islam, or ISIS in their public statements. Advanced warnings by ISIS of imminent attacks are met by the British government LOWERING its terror alert warnings. Intelligence officials ignore or even mock citizen reports of public radical Muslim activities. Rather than being confronted with questions about their lack of proactivity to these warnings, the media ad citizenry shower praise on first responders for their REACTIONS after at least seven people are murdered. The government proudly implies that ONLY seven people dying represents a SUCCESS for security forces. The official elite treat their citizens like ignorant peasants while coddling an ideology responsible for cold blooded murder in the streets. These incidents at public places will continue and intensify as long as government and media authorities protect the feelings of these thugs, rather than focusing on proactively protecting law abiding members of society.

There are no guarantees that similar incidents will not spread to the United States very soon. Our country has been VERY lucky. However, in my opinion, there are at least two variables that exist in the United States that have thus far helped to mitigate possible terrorist attacks on American soil. First, unlike the gun control culture of much of western Europe, ordinary Americans are constitutionally permitted to defend themselves with firearms. Recent Islamic terrorist attacks have focused on targets with minimal security and weapons protection, thus the chances of successful mission completion by maximizing death tolls. On the other hand, private citizens carrying concealed weapons pose an additional risk that a knife/gun attack could be thwarted BEFORE innocent lives are taken. Secondly, I believe that ISIS fully understands that a United States response to a sponsored terrorist attack would be met with a strong military response by the Trump administration. There is little doubt that the United States would aggressively attempt to destroy, or at least cripple, as much of the ISIS infrastructure, both domestically and in the Middle East, as possible. Potential capture of Islamic ideological leaders, military destruction of ISIS training facilities, and and detention of suspected domestic ISIS agents would like put a major dent into ISIS terrorist plans in the short-term.

Comparatively, ISIS knows that European cities are soft targets with little concerns of repercussions from government leaders.. Thus allowing for the terrorist goal of maximizing death and fear with minimal costs. Islamic radicals know that western European countries have spayed and neutered themselves for years.

We are witnessing the results of an intentional societal breakdown fueled by leftist politicians who have brainwashed and sold their populace into cultural slavery for several decades. Those of you who support implementing these politically correct, multicultural, open border policies in the United States might want to remove your mental blinders for a second to realize that your desired future has already arrived in Europe. Global progressivism destroys cultural identities, rather than saving them.

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