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Decisions based upon emotion are seldom wise. The key element required for a useful conversation is disposition. Otherwise, it becomes an argument without listening. Also, consider the credibility of the source before you buy into the message. Socialists of any stripe and flavor have no right to advise or counsel any political party or its membership. Their past behavior and ignorance of history convicts them.

Our founders gave us a Representative Republic bound by a confederation of sovereign States, not a Democracy. They drafted the most significant document about government since the Magna Carta. It worked so well because it planted the key principles that allowed imperfect people to govern:

  1. Separation of power,
  2. Balance of power,
  3. Limits of power, and
  4. Accountability to the people.

Our current leaders step all over the Constitution they swore to uphold, including our court system.

We the people allowed our nation to degrade into the very reason our founders fled from their former homelands. Now we face self-destruction of our nation for our actions and our neglect.


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