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Don’t get me started! For quite a long time many Republicans have been complaining about the American National Press bias, not just against them, but also always in favor of the Democrats. I recently published an article (iPatriot, The American Press: Our Third Political Party, July 14, 2016) to argue the shameful performance of the American Press in the past forty years. The mainstream American Press, mainly the networks, which Rush Limbaugh is often called “Drive-by Media,” always shows its bias all year round, but that bias raised its ugly head more prominently during each presidential election cycle. This year is no different, except one-Trump.

From the get go Mr. Trump took on the Press. It started early with some individual so-called correspondent from what was even considered ‘friendly’ network (remember Megyn Kelly of Fox News) and eventually buttressed to other networks, which probably felt empowered by the Kelly-Trump confrontation. From that time on, it seemed as if the American Press corp. had decided on a pound of flesh at all cost to destroy Trump candidacy. They cooperatively ganged on him to the moment that Trump was declared the President-elect. The reaction of the American Press to Trump’ victory was unbelievable. Some even wanted to deny it as if they were dreaming and would soon wake up to a reality of Clinton’s victory.

Many had questioned loudly how the pollsters and the American Press could be so wrong. The optimists declared that truth, the fabric of polling, was hidden from pollsters. The pessimists felt that the purpose of polling had been deliberately altered for one reason-to deceive and convince the population. Believing that Americans like to go with the winner, the polls were skewed to convince the wayward to go with the flow and support the Press’s coroneted candidacy of Hillary Clinton. Poll results were skewed also to discourage Trump supporter to resign to the fate that all was already lost and so stay home.

With its credibility in the gutters, will the Press modify it behavior? The optimists will be tempted to believe that the American Press will change course and become a little more faithful to the purpose of the first amendment-to adequately inform the electorate about what is going on in the country rather than to reshape it to its liking. The pessimists, myself included, sincerely believe that the American Press will only double its effort to make sure that Trump’s administration becomes as unpopular as George W. was. The Press seems to have a score to settle with Trump and will relentlessly pursue what may be considered their revenge. From NPR to NBC, the Press broadcasted the death of each soldier with their pictures every night during the Iraq-Afghanistan wars to tear down the support for the war and with it, George W’s presidency. Nobody should be surprised if they soon start to parade a throng of women to accuse Trump of something while they keep on covering up for Bill Clinton. When that time comes, we can only hope that Trump knows the best way to handle the situation as it develops. Based on his past performance, we can confidently depend on it.


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