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Two weeks ago on Thursday, Saudi Arabia Prince Turki al-Faisal spoke at a Washington, D.C. foreign policy dinner.  He told the attendees not to vote for Trump, and to spread that message.  This pampered prince had the audacity to come to our shores and lecture us on who we should elect as president due to Donald Trump proclaiming as President of the United States, he will place America First!  The hypocritical sputterings from another foreign leader who has no respect for the United States, but will beg and take whatever America will give him, or his Royal Family, while ridiculing American values, heritage, and sanctity.  The prince was mouthing the fears of political elites, both abroad as well as here in America, elites who are nervous that their gig is up and they have been exposed and are going to lose their cushy positions.  The American political establishment along with the world’s ruling class are nervous, and have proven they will spend untold capital and energy to stop Trump, and they are inviting any and all to get on the “Dump Trump Bandwagon.”  There is way too much at stake for those who sit in velvet chairs and wear silk suits or robes to allow the breakup of their fraternity.

This pampered prince’s hypocritical sputterings were clear to hear; “…for the life of me, I cannot believe that a country like the United States can afford to have someone as president who simply says, ‘these people are not going to be allowed to come to the United States'” (referring to Trump’s claim that he will secure our borders and severely limit Muslim migration into America).  The hypocrisy rests in the reality that his home country of Saudi Arabia forbids migration of Christians into the country, and kills any who are discovered.  But America must accept, without limits, Muslims by the tens of thousands who come here with the intent to kill Americans and change our culture our American values and heritage to meet the Muslim agenda of establishing Sharia Law and a world-wide caliphate.  We are to usher in without a whimper people who have NO interest in assimilating into American society; people by the boat loads who demand free money, free housing, free medical care, free education, free everything for not working or desiring to keep America free and successful; a nation of hope and a shining light on a hill for all to see.

The American People are fed-up!  The “Silent Majority” the political elites just knew was no more; well…guess what, we are still around, and not silent anymore.  Americans are more than merely fed-up with the political seduction slithering from both political parties, and the elites who fervently are dedicated to their plans of holding onto political, social, and economic power with no regard for Americans other than to reduce us to servitude status.  WE THE PEOPLE also are sacred of losing, not cushy seats of power and self-serving prestige, but our country and way of life!  We are fed-up with Obama and his crew apologizing to the world about how mean and evil America has been all her life; all the while, excusing terrorists whose sole function is to kill Americans – freedom and dignity anywhere it exists.

The events of the next six months will determine whether America regains her position as the Leader of the Free World or succumbs; whether America returns to the ideals and values that helped shape this Nation into an exceptional country so very many want to destroy, or we fail to reengage with the beliefs and heritage our Forefathers fought and died to establish.  Many across our country are waiting to learn which path Trump and Americans choose, but so are many across the continents of the world.  The Constitution of this Great Nation can only defend the public to the extent the public defends and preserves the Constitution.  Trump claims he will stand and defend America and her constitutional foundation.  How about WE THE PEOPLE…will YOU stand and do likewise?

Insofar as little prince Turki…go back to your own country and deal with your own set of prejudices, equality challenges, and other repressive issues.


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