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Now you know I am referring to Speaker Nancy Pelosi. My gosh, I can’t believe her behavior. I know she has always had a great deal of influence, but I did not realize it was so intense. Is she a Puppeteer, or Puppet for some un-foreseen force?

Speaking of puppets, I see a regular on Sen. Schumer’s ‘coattail’, Sen. Gillibrand of Northern New York has thrown her hat into the ring for “2020”. She has been under his wing since first replacing Sen. Hillary Clinton. She says mostly the things that people want to hear, but I warn you, look behind the scenes. Know what she has spent her votes on, and what she has championed.

I, of course, am all for any woman achieving her best. But a “Dictatorial” Female is the least I would wish for. Strong leadership is, in my opinion, a formidable force when presented by a woman of good intentions.

The Liberal Democrats have a way of influencing their peers. It is scary and somewhat disconcerting. Their policies and behavior have, in my opinion, been the main catalyst in dividing our Nation. They definitely have divided our Government by major party. They talk of those that don’t agree with them as the opposition. Perhaps that is a fair word, but it also has a double meaning. And mostly used in sports as the “opposing” team.

We are a Nation divided simply because our Government and our Media have divided the populace according to their voting habits. Not fair!

And we have added to the problem by allowing ourselves to be ‘swayed’ into voting by party line.

We must continue to remind ourselves that we are a free people. We have the will and the right to vote as we wish. Only in a Socialist Dictatorship are we told how to vote. We are a Republic, and we control our destiny. Unfortunately, we have allowed ourselves to be controlled by our allegiance to the party of our choice.

There are many positive reasons to belong to a cause or organization. But when we lose our free will and our right to choose, we have lost ourselves.

Reclaim your rights, and mostly reclaim your Constitutional right to govern yourself. It is what our Founders wanted; it is what so many have fought and died for. Do not dismiss their memory by foregoing your freedoms and rights as an American.

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