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The Depth of The Republican Bench:

Folks often use Baseball metaphor or simile to express sentiments about politics or life in general. Let me swing away at it myself.

Looking at the folks who might be called upon to give deeply of themselves in Cabinet posts or in appointment to positions of trust in the legal system, medicine, international relations and any number of regulatory agencies of the Federal government or representative bodies, you have to grin from ear to ear. The Republicans have an amazing depth of field in every area possible. In point of fact there are many Republicans who can switch hit and drive in runs for the Republic in many fields of endeavor. Now all that has to happen is for the vitriol peddlers out there to shut their mouths and let the natural healing process to take place and things to settle down and around a Presidential candidate.

Whoever heads the team will have a multitude of amazing people to call upon to take care of the nations interests.

The same cannot be said for the Democrats benches.

They have continued with failures at the plate and in any position and have a couple of folks whose claim to fame is laying down a bunt or two a few decades ago. Lately they have become whiffle artists. Yup, the Democrats have become the party of the grand swing and a miss.

Lets hope that the Republicans can win so that there will be “Joy in Mudville” again.

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