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Democrats are not Americans. They hold beliefs that are contrary to common sense and the Constitution. Those that vote for Democrats cut their own throats and encourage un-American ideas and schemes. Since the 1930’s when a presidential candidate called his own party socialists, Democrats have worked to undermine all the God-given principles of our country. Andrew West said: “Voter fraud is one of the most powerful tools that the democrats have, as far as American elections go. They fully deny its existence as well, making it doubly difficult to create a situation in which the U.S. can have a serious, adult conversation on the matter.”

The Democrats align themselves with every weird and un-Christian group that tear at the very fiber of our country and the foundation upon it was founded. The Supreme Court in 1893 said the United States was a Christian nation. Those that are not owe their prosperity to those that profess to follow Jesus in salvation and their walk. But those that are not saved have no right to tear down our country and everything it stands for.

Other faiths are tolerated but NOT supported by the laws of our land. The news media and others of their insane babblings have tried to hiss every Christian idea out of the public square. I said hiss because they are nothing more than snakes in the grass, hiding under free speech while they tear down the law which they hate.

I will not shut up or back up. I am part of the redeemed. The people on the left are evil and they follow their father the devil, who was a liar from the beginning. Lies are their stock and trade and they have done much to harm. Democrats, I lay at your feet the murder of innocents, over 60 million, and the rioting and bankruptcy of every large city where you have criminally ruled. Wake up, my fellow Americans to the duplicity and lies of the Democratic party and those who vote for them.

Democrats are looters, feeding off the diligence and hard working people of our USA. They hide behind the Constitution while seeking to destroy it. Their legal arm the ACLU is nothing but a band of crooked shysters. Those that vote Democratic now are either crooks or duped. Hoodwinked by what once was called the labor party that long since degenerated into despotism and crookedness. A party whose votes are fraudulent or of deceived people.

I unabashedly stand for Jesus Christ’s and his righteousness though I fail and fall very often but He picks me up. I try to stand. Won’t you stand for righteousness also? –Don Dippel

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