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Seriously?  You who say American intelligence agencies declared Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election and you want Republicans to condemn him for meeting with Putin and condemning that fraud?  Seriously!  G – F – Y!  Signed, Republican Patriots.

The leftists who say: Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election; whose intel agents say Russian hacked the DNC but refused to let the FBI investigate; whose CIA Director, John Brennan, under Obama converted to Islam while America was at war with Islamists, calling Trump speaking with Putin and taking his word over theirs as both “treasonous” and “imbecilic” are just the epitome of two-faced, galactically stupid pretenders!

We the Republican patriots have absolutely no problem with Trump meeting with Putin.  The man has a golden thumb as everything he puts his hand to turns to gold!  Just because you try to inject your poison pill in the media, just because you spew your bile at him, just because you declare you speak the truth as you weave your web of lies, do you think for one second we would listen to you or anyone else that speaks against Trump and say he erred?  Could he have handled himself better?  Only if you think milksops like Obama, who cowed before Putin’s threats and removed missile defenses from Poland or who offered to be “more flexible” for him and bend over, is the pinnacle of diplomatic achievement.  I’ll take the blunt talking billionaire who is sickened by the Left’s constant backbiting, backstabbing, and backwards thinking bureaucracy of media propagandists over the truly traitorous Moslem socialist every day!

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Just use this simple formula: Democrats are negative, Trump is positive.

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Do you want to live your life believing in the negative, the hateful, the vile, the lies, the smears, and with your glass half full following losers who believe stealing is how you get rich?  Or do you want to live positively, progressively (not the idiot socialist dupe kind of progressive moving forward into servitude, but the actual moving forward making America great again kind) believing in having the freedom to prosper?  Democrats have nothing to offer.  All they have is to take away half of what Trump is delivering.  All Democrats have to offer is to go back to their leading from behind, managing America’s decline, sucking up their wealth, and blaming others for the destruction they inflict upon this nation.

Laura Ingraham rips Democrats calling Trump “treasonous” a new one

What is more treasonous?  Trump spitting on Democrat intel agents that say he stole the election with Putin’s help or Obama giving trillions of borrowed taxpayer dollars to America’s enemies to renew the Jihad?  We get to pay for the invasion of Islamists and fund their war on us for the rest of our lives, and you don’t think that is a betrayal?  Obama promising to be flexible for Putin after his last election, Hillary giving them a plastic “reset button” then selling them nuclear material, or Brennan converting to Islam while America is at war with Islam, Democrats importing Islamists to colonize and control America along with cheap labor from South America as servants are all far more clearly committing treason to America.

WTF is wrong with your brains?

You don’t think we see you?  You don’t think we remember?  Just six years ago Democrats were slandering Mitt Romney for thinking of Russia as an enemy and Obama told him, “The 80s called and want their Cold War back.”  Now Russia is the Evil Empire once again?  Democrats condemned Reagan when he labelled them that and then promised Gorbachev that they would get back their good relationship once they got rid of the Gipper.  Democrats can only dupe the ignorant who are oblivious of what is actually happening and are they are all the very definition of dysfunctional two-faced frauds.

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Have Faith in Trump’s Genius

Rush Limbaugh evaluated the Swamp’s attacks on Trump and his refusal to legitimize them on the world stage.  Wolf Blitzer calls this treasonous as all leftist swamp dwellers of course do.  Trump is a new kind of Republican who doesn’t bow to the powers that are trying to destroy him as W did.  The people who destroyed Bush and Gen. Petraeus, and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq aiding America’s enemies to become powerful, despise Trump for not laying down for their lies. Welcome to the New American Order!

Trump critics disgusted Trump will not vouch for them trying to destroy him

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I am a retired paramedic/firefighter who served 25 years in the city of Dallas. I have degrees in Journalism, History, Military Science, and Military History that I spent most of the last forty years studying. I have also spent much of these forty years in scholarship studying Christianity, Islam, America, and world history. My writing is from the perspective of a conservative Christian libertarian and I use my free time in retirement to observe what is happening in politics. Much of what is in the news is propaganda that I have been trained and know how to recognize. My purpose is to expose the dysfunctional thinking of the Left and counter it with good sense conservative principles.


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