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As President Trump meets in Helsinki with Vladamir Putin, Democrats try to derail his summit claiming he can’t meet with him because they stole the election.  Citing as their “proof” that Deputy AG Rosenstein indicted some Russians for election meddling, combined with Congress distracting the nation from Trump’s supremely successful NATO summit, Democrats believe they can dupe people into believing the opposite of what is happening.  With FBI agent Strzok’s testimony of lies, Democrats cry “shame” at Republicans as if they can attach it to them over the lies they create declaring that Trump destroyed NATO working with Russia to cause a disaster.

Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who was in charge of investigating Hillary’s emails and began the investigation into the Steele Dossier on Trump for collusion with Russians claimed he was without bias despite saying he wanted Hillary to win the presidency a hundred million votes to zero.  Patriots wonder how Strzok, an obvious sociopath and probably psychotic, ever passed the psych tests to enter the FBI?  How was this pathological liar put in charge of the Hillary and Trump investigations when he declared he is for Hillary a hundred million to zero and claim he is unbiased?!?

Rep. Gohmert crushed his lies of being unbiased with the simple question of how he looked into his wife’s eyes and lied so convincingly about Lisa Page.  Strzok responded by revealing the evil in his heart through the glare of utter contempt from his lying eyes.  Congressional Democrats fawned all over him to such a degree that one Democrat Congressman lamented he could not give the agent a Purple Heart for having to endure questioning by Republicans.  This sh*tlicker is one of those who believes he can shame Republicans for disrespecting the leftist ideology of socialism, the most heinous, murderous faith of thieves in history.

Peter Strzok called out on his lies to Congress

Haven’t you Democrat voters figured out yet that the media and leftists, along with their RINO allies, are the ones who are lying to you all the time about everything?  The liberals trying to shame the righteous by shouting “shame” at Republicans who make righteous law are a disgrace to humanity, an insult to morality, and an affront to God.  Having heathen atheists tell Christians what Jesus would do is a galactic joke.  Having leftist racist fascists call American patriots racist fascists is the pinnacle of duplicity!  Having Democrats claim they are the party of virtue when they are obviously the party of deceptive perversion is the most grievous form of malice akin to any con-artist seducing his victims to steal their lives.

Haven’t Democrat voters figured out yet that Democrats keep promising them prosperity and keep delivering them into poverty while they live like kings?  Liberals crying shame at the righteous is a disgusting display of self-righteous hypocrisy.  How do two-faced leftists cry shame with straight faces?  How do they hold their heads up as if they are dignified?  How do these leftists who believe respect comes from the end of a gun not see the evil of socialism?  The answer is because they are blind to their own sins.  They are the quintessential people who live in glass houses and throw stones.

Democrats call law enforcement “Nazi terrorists.”  Democrats believe law enforcement officers, not the criminals breaking the law, are the problem with their America.  They compare ICE to the Gestapo when they don’t even know what the Gestapo was.  They compare Trump to Hitler when they have no clue what Hitler believed.  They slander Republicans as racists when they are the party that keeps blacks as slaves to this day.  They smear America as evil when they endorse the most evil ideology on the planet.  Democrat radicals are mainstream Marxists, which means they are socialists.

Socialism is just another form of imperialism in which the masses serve the elites.  Socialism doesn’t bring prosperity to all, but makes all people equally impoverished in servitude to their rulers.  The lie of leftists is that socialism makes life equally good for all when it has always made life equally miserable in every country in which its been done without exception.  They keep saying it just needs the right people to make it work right in America.  What they mean is it needs the right people to dupe the country into giving them the power to force socialism on the rest of us.

Trump Taunts Democrats Every Day

Trump’s genius is founded in his courage and unabashed defense of righteousness.  He has unmasked Democrats for what they truly are and the lying leftwing media are unable to conceal the truth any longer.  They try to slander every Republican as a sex offender and instead out themselves as the serial molesters and rapists.  They try to slander Republicans as racists and reveal themselves as the hateful bigots of society.  They try to poison the electorate against all things American and instead have revealed that they have never been Americans.  Democrats wanted to have kings rule America and slaves serve their whims.  Their desires have not changed, but their methods have.  They have campaigned on deception and won through duplicity but pretending to love America, talk like conservatives, and make empty promises of prosperity until the people have become disillusioned and complacent with their lies.

Now they are out in the open speaking the truth of their hate for America and contempt for patriots and Christians alike.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won in Staten Island against an old Democrat because New York City allows illegal invaders to vote and they vote for the socialism they supposedly fled.  They are not here to live the American Dream.  They want to establish America as a socialist banana republic toilet like their home country.  They are not refugees.  They are colonists.  The Democrat turnout for this vote was just 20% of registered voters, which means that the invaders want to put Marxists in power in America.

The Left says America needs to give socialism a try?  Where the f*** were they during the eight years Obama did exactly that?  Did they not notice because conservatives certainly did!  Democrats under Obama instituted numerous socialist policies that stagnated the economy and stole America’s wealth.  Republican RINOs campaigned against them but failed to stop them.  Instead they worked with Obama and allowed him to do great damage to America’s economy including shutting down coal mining.  That’s why we did an end around Republicans who are all too willing to work with Democrats rather than against them and elected Trump!  As Rush said about their socialism, “Been there, done that, didn’t work, never will.”

Republicans rightfully denied Obama a third Supreme Court pick until after the 2016 election.  The country had been voting against Democrats for six years and the Moslem socialist had no right to pack the court with leftist liberals for a generation to impose their will in the nation.  Leftists use the courts to embed corruption in American law so they can override the Constitution they so desperately wish to destroy.  Their cries of foul for Trump to choose another before a midterm is a pathetic attempt by them to stifle the nation.  Their lamentations that he should not be permitted to choose while under investigation for their Russian fraud is contemptible.

Democrat’s erroneous faith in their lies turning the country away from Trump’s brilliant accomplishments is going to explode in their faces as has everything else.  The nation is sickened of the poison being spewed by the Left and their media’s attempts to create a “blue wave” are going to result in a red tsunami.  It has become obvious to even the most fanatic Democrat that they are striving to derail Trump in every endeavor in which he is proving to have a gold thumb.  Obama had a brown thumb in which everything he touched turned to sh*t.  Americans can only hope that enough Republicans will be voted into office who will stand behind and work with our president so that they can truly begin to undo leftist corruption that Democrats have imposed on the nation since FDR.

Hillary promised Obama and Lynch Supreme Court seats

Democrat hysteria that a Republican Supreme Court is a death sentence saying, “Millions of women are dying in the streets,” is proof of their dysfunctional delusions of reality.  The hysterical insanity of Democrats screaming into their microphones that Republicans are going to make a Supreme Court that kills people is an echo of what they’ve been spewing for over forty years.  Democrats are completely fractured as they strive to gin up their party of partisans each with competing agendas.  Their dogma doesn’t work on the disparate elements that is their base – only their mutual hate of Christian America unites them.

Republicans must suppress the Democrat vote with truth.  The ways to do this are by instituting voter ID laws, clearing out the dead from Democrat voter rolls, and putting ICE agents at all polling places.  This will reduce Democrat votes from anywhere from 10%-20%.  Democrats have no hope in the era of Trump to continue to dupe the ignorant because Trump keeps tweeting the truth.  They can call it lies all they want, but the truth shines through the darkness of their souls.  They are left exposed and, with the truth of their nature being revealed, requires they make their most desperate bid to encourage the American people to embrace foreign invaders and vote with them to destroy this nation.  They must rely on their indoctrination of the ignorant and importation of criminal immigrants to overcome American patriots.

Good luck with that.

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Democrats duping people into giving them more money is the cause of most of the poverty in America.  Democrats smearing Trump as a fool who shouldn’t meet with Putin are trying to derail his great achievements and generate strife.  A fact of American life is that half of the taxes you pay go to the cost of crime and corruption.  Open borders allowing drugs and criminals to pour into America unchecked and high taxes crushing the economy are the Democrat agenda.  It keeps their black slaves on their new plantation as welfare voter slaves.  Some have awakened to this, but they are few.  Trump is educating liberals despite the media’s attempt to drown him out.  Those who take their heads out of their holes to see the sunshine are sometimes blinded by the light, but there are those who are beginning to see.

A black woman’s mind is set free

This is the degree of Democrat hate for America

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