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It is worse than I thought. There is no one to lead the Democrat Party, and the faithful followers are looking for Big Soros to tell them what to think now. Even the media is at a loss for talking points and is encouraging their minions to be out in the streets protesting, but no one knows why. They have been taught to hate Trump, but even that is kind of peculiar in the wake of the country putting into office the object of their hate.

Most Republicans didn’t want the Democrat Party to implode, but to embrace the Populous Movement and begin to choose leaders for themselves, as was glimpsed by the Sanders Campaign. Over the last 50 years, The Democrat Party has been transformed from the working man’s party, into an ideologically driven (Progressive?) machine for the elite, morally corrupt, beholden to postmodern ideology devoid of any respect for life, religion, traditional values, and the middle class.

Rather than taking the initiative, these deceived and gullible followers waited to be dictated to who would be their next leader by a bunch of old white male elitists, as they have been for the last eight years, while the American people witnessed the creation of a climate of racial hostility, division, and degradation of their well-being and traditional way of life. They are sitting around in a comatose state waiting to be told what to do and what they would group-think, holding on to being progressive, which they don’t really understand, and clinging to their trees and their PC talking points.

Alexander Hamilton reminds us that we want a government that energetically executes its proper functions, but does not go beyond them as delineated by the constitution, stating that the people are “ not only vigilant but suspicious and jealous guardians of the rights of the citizens against encroachments from the federal government.” the Constitution “aims only at a partial union or consolidation”. “State governments would clearly retain all the rights of sovereignty which they before had”. “The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for, among old parchments, or musty records. They are written, as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself, and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power.”

Rather than abandoning the Progressive stance that intruded into the party in the late 19th century, in favor of a more traditional and reasonable Liberal Philosophy that has given them success in the past, they resort to ignorantly chanting “down with the Electoral College”, not even realizing they live in a Republic rather than a Democracy, like the one that collapsed under its own weight in Rome two millennia ago. They refuse to acknowledge that they need the whole country, not just New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Miami. Liberals could have something to offer the fly-over states, progressives would not.

Obama-era progressives sought to use national power, not to promote security and prosperity, which they miserably failed at, but to establish social justice, which they also failed at, kind of like prohibition. Their quest for a more perfect PC society leads them to an ever expanding government on the road to socialistic, fascist, totalitarianism. A free country”s goal is to protect its citizens right to freely, without hamper or restriction, acquire wealth and security, which necessarily results in the unequal distribution of that wealth and security. Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America stated that this freedom fosters an energy in the population that over time will generate remarkable improvements in society. By its nature, however, such decentralization cannot result in improvements that are uniform across the country and equally shared in all of its parts.

It is freedom that gives us such remarkable improvements in society, and not some misguided progressive ideologue of social justice. Hopefully, Democrats will awaken from their utopian stupor and get back to finding real ways of coping with the growing poverty, the unifying of the citizenry, and the threat of failed immigration and terrorist policies, or they can continue with their progressive lies and blaming everyone else for their failures.


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