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I admire those that speak more than one language. I really do.

But, one of the things that unites citizens in this country is their common language. This is an essential and important factor in the unity of our country. We all can communicate with one another if we choose to do so. This is the United States. We are united and we are one – because we can all communicate with one another. The present effort to support multiculturalism in our schools, the diversity efforts that we routinely hear about are, in the long run, detrimental to our country and its unity.

Examples of this are right next door. Quebec speaks French, unlike the rest of their own country, Canada. Guess what? They have been talking secession from the rest of their country for years. One day, they may actually succeed. It is the language barrier, of which they are very proud, that helps promote this destructive behavior. Like our little Havana’s or China Towns, where different languages are routinely spoken instead of English, language differences only support a forced separation of the people involved, and ultimately hinders their assimilation into the mainstream culture.

Yes, it’s neat to be able to speak foreign languages. That’s fine. But, we need to remember that they, in fact, are foreign, and should not elevated to the level of being part of our fundamental fabric and culture nor ever be allowed to become an accepted part of our in-house culture within our own country. Allowing this to happen will only splinter our citizens into isolated groups who cannot or won’t communicate with each other, and will promote an unhealthy diversity, leading to irreconcilable differences between isolated segments in our own fundamental culture.

The issue is not as simple as this, but this conveys the message none the less: This is America. We speak English here. Join us if you wish, but when you come, expect to “join” us.

Those that come here need to recognize their reasons for coming here. The underlying reason is that their own culture has failed each of them in some manner. Yet, many are pushing these failed cultures upon us under the guise of multiculturalism and diversity being good for us. They in fact, are the beginnings of a slippery slope, leading to yet one more failed culture exactly like the one these immigrants have abandoned. Few understand that these failed cultures are what these immigrants desire to bring with them when they come here. Most of these cultures have failed their citizens so badly that their citizens have resorted to running from them instead of attempting to fix them.

Assimilation into our culture is a far better option than bringing their broken cultures with them, only to place themselves in a similar situation that they ran from.

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