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The Cheap Labor Force is a Cheap Terror Force

With a butcher knife similar to those used by Somalis – daily in American slaughter houses and packing plants overrun by the globalist-approved Somali cheap-labor force – Abdul Artan hacked nine Americans at Ohio State University.

Globalist-controlled media painted Artan as a lone wolf, having nothing to do with ISIS.

Tim Kaine was “deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State, praying for the injured.” But it was a butcher knife! A gun wasn’t used in the attacks by this 18-year old Somali immigrant. The gruesome attack was from a butcher knife!  Clearly, Americans do not need gun control but Somali control…

In today’s lying media, this butchering couldn’t possibly be due to radical Islam! Clearly, we see a Somali cover up. So what is involved in the Islamic radicalization process of Somalis? Was this a lone wolf? Hardly. The lone-wolf lie is a smokescreen and cover to distract from the globalist-profiteering cheap labor force of Somalis, illegally imposed on America.  There is an international agenda of “Globalism not Americanism” incorporating cheap-labor Somalis for, ultimately, a radical Islamization process to de-nationalize North America.

This process was discovered and, indeed, confronted by the president of the Canadian Somali Congress Western Canada. Its leader, Mahamad Accord, is asking the prime minister for help to reach out to disaffected Somali youth to counter ISIS recruiters.

Mahamad Accord says he has solid sources, including elders, who say youths from the Somali community as young as 16 have signed up to become terrorist soldiers. The Ohio State butcher Abdul Artan was an 18-year old Somali immigrant, well within the ISIS recruiting category.

The process for the radical Islamization of Somalis starts here: The Somali Chamber of Commerce welcomes international investors. It is is an umbrella organization, whose membership is open to all business parties engaged in international trade activities

For example, the mayor of Boise, Idaho, welcomes third-world Somalis to Idaho. “Idaho will ‘welcome’ refugees because big industries need cheap labor.” (Of course, everyone knows there are no Americans to do these jobs. Right?)

America-debunking globalist industries “need cheap labor.” The socialist internationale works overtime to destroy the American middle class. So we see the sordid impetus for a constant flood of unvetted Muslim Somalis into the American Midwest.

We see on the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Facebook page: “Thanks to Congress Keith Ellison for your fight to sustain and maintain the Remittances to Somalia, it is absolutely the Life Line for Somali Americans to feed their families back in Somalia…. We the Somali Americans need to reach out to organizations, US congress and senators to help us fight this Life Line Matter.”

So President Trump must come down hard on American Somali-supporting mayors and the globalist-complicit American Chamber of Commerce! What a big swamp we have to be drained!

Now, once American mayors and Chamber of Commerces have robbed Americans of slaughter house and packing plant jobs, what then happens? As unassimilating Somalis are relocated to North America en masse, the factions which warred in Somali still war in North American neighborhoods!

Serious Somalian social problems are transplanted to America, heightening the state of fear of nearby Americans, as Somali factions war with each other – while chronically robbing from neighborhood convenience stores. Many Americans living near these stores refuse to go in them at night, fearing Somali aggressions.

International investors force cheap Somali labor into America, to profiteer and simultaneously de-stabilize and de-nationalize America! This Somali cheap labor goes to work in Halal and non-Halal slaughter houses and packing plants. The radical Islamization process continues, as they are here de-sensitized to blood, eight hours a day, soon to be readied and conditioned for ISIS recruiters.

Those Somalis recruited by ISIS disappear overseas for ISIS training. Somali parents often protest but to no avail. Their teens and young adults are told with ISIS they will make more money than in the packing plants, with less work, serving Allah, as they receive a commission for each severed head. The number of severed heads determines how far they will go up the ISIS chain of command.

At this point, already domesticated in North America, they easily return with ISIS training, pre-positioned for an imminent Islamic insurgency in America! There are no local allegiances to a Constitutional America. Meanwhile, as Muslims do, they continue fighting among themselves in subjugated and terrorized American neighborhoods.

Columbus has nearly 50,000 Somali immigrants, the second largest population in the U.S.  Goodbye, Columbus? It looks like it. Ohio, like Muslim-dominating Michigan, is a Canadian border state. More than ever, President Trump needs to quickly enforce northern border security measures as well!

The startling reasons for intensified northern-border security are in the powerful yet semi-censored new book by Candice Malcolm, Losing True North. It reveals Trudeau’s globalist obsession for allowing a flood of unvetted Muslims, including Somalian and Syrian “refugees,” into Canada! Many of these find their way into the US border states!

But even with intensified northern border security, as revealed recently by a Tunisian to Vigileaks, the Muslim Student Association in colleges and universities all across North America, continue to bring in “students,” including Somalis, who are actually trained terrorists.


iPatriot Contributers


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