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Democratic Senator Cory Booker caught my attention when he first came on the Political Scene from New Jersey. I remember my first impression, without knowing him or seeing him in action, that he was an opportunist. Being from the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut I pay attention to that vast area.

His behavior since becoming the Senator from New Jersey, has increased my opinion of “Opportunist”. As soon as Oprah’s name came up in the arena for President, he immediately offered to be her running mate as Vice President. This is not the first time he has attempted to hop on coattails of another, but that is for another day. His behavior toward the Homeland Security Secretary was shameful and unacceptable when questioning her this past week on a Senate Committee.

Senator Booker, along with most other Democrats (especially the Liberals), appears to have reached a level of hysteria never before seen in these professional Halls of Congress. Many are wondering why? It’s truly a “head-scratcher”. Not being a conspiratorial fanatic, I do have a theory of this situation which I would like to share.

My theory is either way out in left field and laughable, OR, close to the truth. Remembering the reactions by the Democratic Liberals right after the Nov. 2016 National Election, and the subsequent behavior of them to this day, I have concluded that they were assured, completely and absolutely, of a win in that election. Seeing their devious and dishonest ability over the past year, I believe the outcome was a fixed solution.

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But Trump won! And none of them can understand how it was pulled off by that Republican Team.  If it was truly a forgone and set solution, I can understand their frustration and disbelief. How could this possibly go wrong? In line with the Obama Administration and all they did that has since been made public, it is not hard to believe their ability to fix this election. Hillary was leading to almost the end, but WOW!; suddenly up came Trump, from underdog through the entire Election, and suddenly he won!!!!!

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I have been looking at Video’s of that infamous night. Trump did not seem concerned AT ALL through the entire process. I noticed that immediately, upon watching in real time, and I still see it today. That is what tinged my curiosity. During his campaign he was not a Politician. He was a Crusader; calling his campaign stops ‘rallies’; calling his campaign a “movement”.

I have never considered him, or his family and friends, to be capable of such devious behavior to fix a National Election. Businessman twist facts and figures, turn over decisions, and play a dirty game of Poker in making deals sometimes. But fixing a National Election? I don’t think so. Too much to be lost if caught. A good Businessman is acutely aware of the consequences of such shenanigans, and would not do such a thing as to fool the American people, or hurt them in any way on such a large scale.

Then what happened you ask? Read the Bible.

The unusual weather; the catastrophic fires, floods, and snowstorms; the previous President’s attempts to turn our Country over to others that deny our Religious Rights, and all our Freedoms, must be giving us some forewarning. Many times throughout the two terms of President Obama, he was accused of being Anti-American.

Well, now I am going to take all of the above situations I have bouncing around my head, and try to make some sense of it. The storms, the “movement” and “rallies”, the end result of the Election, the unwavering self-confidence of Trump throughout, and the absolute arrogance of his opponent and her followers, to expect the win without putting on a decent campaign.

I’m going to read my Bible.

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Jean Coulard

Retired Office manager, Food Service Director; 2+ years College; One (1) year Kitchen Management / New York Culinary School, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.


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