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Fox News’ Sean Hannity is livid. His good buddy, President Trump, has been under fire for months now and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight.

However, what seems to peeve him the most is the faux outrage on the left when the President tweets something that they don’t like. For some reason, while liberals can drum up all sorts of anger about President Trump’s demeanor and personality… they can’t seem to work up any angst for real crimes being committed by our government.

All right, so after eight long months of pushing conspiracy theories one after another, well, liberals still refuse to accept a simple truth. There’s not one shred of evidence – none — showing collusion between President Trump and the Russians. None. Zero. Zip.

Now, instead, the only thing they can focus on is the FBI director saying that he has not seen evidence to support President Trump’s tweets about wiretapping.

Now, here’s the same hypocritical media that used the words “wiretapping” in their own reporting! Remember this headline from The New York times, January 20th? Quote, “Wiretapped data used in inquiry of Trump aides.” Oh. The New York Times — are they going to apologize?

Now, while the Democrats feign moral outrage, they are missing the real scandal here. Laws, in fact, were broken. Starting back in January, we have seen the repeated leaking of classified information meant to inflict damage on President Trump and his entire administration. Now, every one of these are criminal acts, felonies that are being committed. That does not seem to bother the Democrats in any way, shape, manner or form. And the intelligence community, well, they don’t seem to have an answer as to why it is happening and how they’re going to stop it from continuing.

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