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Congress is worse than a bunch of old hunting dogs, they bark and holler at the slightest provocation and if you get to close they try to bite you, then when it’s time to work all they do is lie around and sleep. It doesn’t matter which house of Congress or which party, the professional politician focus is on one thing, and that’s getting re-elected.

The House Democrats have taken things to a whole new level, everything is now done for their Party, doing the job of representing the people that elected them to their office no longer exist. The issues regarding the budget, immigration, opioid drugs, repairing the infrastructure of the country, terrorism and law enforcement have all taken a back seat to all the efforts to derail President Trump. The barking from the Democrats runs the gamut, from the basic aggravation of blocking bills to screaming for his impeachment for breaking imaginary laws that only the Democrats can see. Their maniacal one track mind approach is geared around the destruction of Donald Trump, they will not give an inch on any issue that might be considered as a victory or concession to Trump. The Democrats idea of being bipartisan and on negotiation is the total surrender of the other side, it 110% their way and nothing else, being reasonable does not exist.

Our two party system of government is in jeopardy as the one-time radical fringe of socialist are now in control of the Democrat Party and are providing the shrill extreme voice for that party. These radical extremists are seeking total one-party National Socialist rule and there is no room for the Constitution or the Bill of Rights in the socialist view for the United States. The socialist, have targeted the Bill of Rights by going after free speech under the guise of political correctness, ownership of firearms by using the label of gun violence, attacking religion, censorship of the media and the use of propaganda, indoctrination of the youth, and using street thugs to silence protest. The last administration’s action of weaponizing the CIA, IRS, FBI and other government agencies to attack Donald Trump and his supporters has created a very dangerous situation.

If all of this sounds familiar, take some time and look up the Nazi Party of World War 2 and their rise to power under their leader Adolph Hitler. The NAZI’s were established in the early 1920s in Germany under their full name, the National Socialist German Workers Party, all of the steps being followed by the radicals in the Democrat Party are eerily the same. If successful, the radicals in the Democrat Party will have the same result, a single party police state style of government. If we lose our Constitutional Republic, the odds of getting back are very slim, if the Dawgs don’t get off the porch and do their proper job, then they need to be replaced.

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