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As some of you might already be aware Black Pigeon Speaks, and extremely popular YouTube creator, had his account closed abruptly by YouTube/Google. The video he posted this morning “Social Rot of VICTIMHOOD & Microaggression Culture ( which was a scathing editorial on censorship is what got his account deleted.

YouTube is clearly purging its platform of anything controversial especially anything controversial that leans even a little to the right. I’ve been following BPS since back when his YouTube followers we only in the hundreds, not hundreds of thousands (maybe over a million since I don’t often look or care about how many followers a creator has). From the first of his videos I was exposed to I have shared almost every video he has posted (we don’t always agree) on the pages I run as I identified his videos as intelligent and well thought out in 99% of his videos.

In fact, given his apparent level of intelligence, it is impossible to believe that he didn’t know that YouTube was likely to close his account after today’s (6/13/2019) upload. In fact, it was the first thing I thought after viewing the video. You don’t poke a bear that is already raging unless … that is exactly what you planned.

It is my opinion that BPS wanted to make a clear statement against YouTube censorship and at the same time draw his followers to BitChute. As of 4:30 pm est (6/13/2019) BPS has a BitChute following of 29,087 which is quite large and I expect to double in the next 24 hours at the very least and the video in question has gotten 2,964 views so far. These might not be impressive numbers for YouTube but for the fledgling BitChute it is huge.

BPS’s dedicated followers will find him on BitChute and this will be huge for the platform. He may single-handedly turn BitChute into a major platform on the net and yes that is a good thing. I’m assuming that this is exactly what he had planned and if so, well done. It might seem like a risky move but BPS being banned from YouTube was inevitable anyway and likely he saw the writing on the wall and decided to go out on his own terms.


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