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Published with permission from Gary Gindler

The leftists did not have to persuade the Jews that they were victims.  Anti-Semitism for about two millennia played a cruel joke with the Jews – they eagerly joined the first political movement that openly recognized the Jews as victims.  Many Jews (to be more exact, those who consider themselves to be victims) are still committed to leftist dogma and refuse to recognize the obvious fact that the status of victims makes them cannon fodder for high-ranking left ideologists.  However, those Jews who do not consider themselves victims have long adhered to the right conservative views.

If during the Bush presidency more than 90% of American Jews were on the side of leftists, his successor Obama had in his pocket about 80% of Jews (a fall of 10% was due to the openly anti-Israeli policy of Obama).  With the advent of Trump, the number of leftist Jews dropped to 70% (another 10% drop is due to Trump’s openly pro-Israeli policy).

This dynamic is also present in Israel.  In 1948, socialists came to power in the newly-re-established Israel, and the opponents of socialism – the supporters of Vladimir Zhabotinsky – were out of work.  However, like in America, the leftists in Israel got successfully outmaneuvered by the conservatives.

This situation resembles the case of the black population in America.  Those who decided to escape from the leftist political plantation have gained real freedom, and with it, ideological preferences of a conservative kind.  The number of such people increased significantly under Trump.  Obviously, it is the result of the lowest level of black unemployment in the history of America.

However, in being declared “victims,” many people forget the reverse side of this coin.  If the leftists assign the status of a victim to you, then you must remain a victim until the very end.  If someone decides that you are a victim, the decision is made, and you have no right to change or even challenge it.  Do not try to escape from the plantation – you will not only be found but also severely punished.

It is worth mentioning that women did not take part in political life before the end of the 19th century.  That’s why they, like the Jews, from the leftists’ point of view, are practically a ready-to-go class of victims.  Leftists throughout the 20th-century successfully used women for political purposes.   It should be no revelation that feminism (in contrast to the suffragist movement) is a purely left movement.   In fact, one of its founders was the racist Margaret Sanger.

The modern reincarnation of the status of women as victims is the infamous “War on Women,” invented in the bowels of the DNC.  As in the case of deceived Jews, deceived women, who were brainwashed to the fact that they are victims, took to the streets dressing up in humiliating vagina costumes.

It has long been noted that the leftist movement had transformed into a kind of religious cult – the Cult of victim seekers.

Like any other cult, the leftists have their dogmas, their worldview, their taboos, and their idols.  The list of “victims” of this cult is impressive.  Well-known recent “victims” are nature (destroyed by evil capitalists), domestic animals (evil capitalists mock them), climate (the temperature of the air is warmed up by all the same evil capitalists), and sexual minorities.

It is not surprising, therefore, that the numerous left-wing “green” parties in all countries are often compared to watermelons: they are green outside, red inside, and their seeds have brown uniforms.

The noblest occupation for leftists is the search (or artificial creation) of another, previously unknown class of victims.  It would seem that they have already tried everything that is possible, but the worldview of the victim seekers is so comprehensive that it manifests itself in the most unexpected places.  For example, the loss of the elections in 2016 and the victory of Trump was taken by leftists as another proof that they are victims.  This time, they turn out to be victims of the “collusion between Trump and Putin.”

Leftist are always in search for victims.  Once found, the victims will be assigned an appropriate -ism.  Of course, it will be another form of charlatanism.

The search for victims who will lead the leftists to political power has become its own means to an end.  Many leftists have entirely forgotten their Marxist roots.  A good illustration of this was the genuine indignation of former Vice President Joe Biden when a journalist asked him whether he was a socialist.

As a result, modern Globalists in general (and the Democratic Party of the USA in particular) are not a monolithic movement but represent the interests of various incoherent and often competing and warring classes of “victims,” artificially united under the same roof by the Cult of victim seekers.

How can Jews live under the same roof with the openly anti-Semitic Democratic Party of the USA or Labour Party of the UK?  How can there be the coexistence of sexual minorities and millions of Muslim illegal immigrants who occupied Europe?  How can feminists and Sharia supporters coexist if Sharia law denies that women are human beings and reduces them to the level of men’s property?

The number of “victims” discovered by Globalists is growing, but their quality and willingness to serve as cannon fodder for socialist transformations are falling.  Of course, these internal contradictions will sooner or later blow up the leftist movement of Globalists.  It will happen when victimhood stops paying political dividends.

Last year the Globalists widely celebrated the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx birth, but there is every reason to believe that the Cult of victim seekers he founded is unlikely to live to his 200th anniversary.

In conclusion, let’s recall the old political proverb: “The right-wingers worry their political program will not be properly understood, and the left-wingers worry their political program is fully recognized.”

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