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Evolutionary theory has always been an integral part of Communism. Not only are both materialistic in their ideology, but Communist political theory states that biological evolution continues with societal evolution. It states that after capitalism has fallen away, the Socialist state will finally appear as the apex of human history, and Utopia, the classless society will come about where there will be no more class distinctions.

Similarly, liberalism is built upon the idea of constant societal progress. That is why another name for liberalism is progressivism. Progressivism believes that man is constantly getting better and improving morally, in other words society is also evolving. In an ultimate liberal society, there will be no more wars or famines, because science will supposedly have solved all of these problems. Liberalism however, devalues human life because it advocates for abortion rights, even using evolutionary theory to prove that human fetuses are in a “less evolved” stage compared to later stages of life (because human development reproduces phylogeny, according to evolutionary theory). Furthermore, liberalism firmly denies Judeo-Christian Biblical virtues, which are defined in the book of Genesis. This is why liberalism is also adamantly opposed to creation science, because liberal ideologists know that if they can prove evolution as a scientific fact, then they can prove their own liberal ideology as a scientific fact.

Let us take a look at what Genesis says about human God, origins, the nature of man, sin, and human responsibility. For this, please read Genesis chapters 1-11.

First of all, the Bible makes it very clear that the Triune God is the Creator of the universe. God is personal, and made man to have a personal relationship with Him, since He created man like Himself, in His own image. God created everything good, without any spot or blemish of death or disease; the world God created was entirely without sin. God called His creation good several times, and blessed it. According to evolution, death and disease are natural elements of life, with species supplanting one another in the vicious struggle for life. According to evolution, man has no special place in the universe, but is just a random accident, whereas according to the Bible, God made a covenant with man, and give him purpose, a goal, which was to love and serve God. Man was created in God’s image, male and female, one man and one woman in marriage, and not two gay men, or one man and four women, as in Islam. There is a deep meaning to life. According to evolution, death precedes man, but according to the Bible, disease, pain and death are a result of man disregarding God’s command not to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, lest they die (from dust you are, and to dust you shall return). Adam and Eve wanted to be like God and know all good and evil, but yet fell into sin and lost their original innocence. The Bible tells us that disregarding God’s commandments is what is called sin, therefore God can punish us for our transgressions. Furthermore, since God is the Creator, He is also our Judge. Therefore, man is responsible towards God for his actions. This is the basis for the moral law as revealed in the Bible, best summarized by the Ten Commandments.

Liberalism, however wants nothing to do with this, but would rather have people live as they please, completely irrespective of God’s law. Liberal ideologists would rather erase the memory of God, and completely redefine society, completely eroding the Biblical virtues that this nation was founded on.

Since evolutionary theory is the main underpinning element of atheism, liberalism, and Communism, as well as racism and national Socialism, creation science can be used as a useful tool to combat these ideologies and dismantle them. Let us remember that the Declaration of Independence began with the words “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” – it is a creationist document, which makes no sense if evolution is true. The end result of creation science would be reestablishing the family in a decaying society, putting marriage in its proper place exclusively between one man and one woman, reestablishing morality (since we know that someday we will be judged for our actions), and ending one of the longest and largest wave of murder that ever happened in history – abortion. With creation science we would all be much happier and better off as a society.


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