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Well, there are criminals, and then, there are criminals…right? A purse snatcher is a criminal. So is a murderer. Most would agree the later is more serious than the former, and much more heinous. The criminal behavior of Hillary Clinton is perhaps unique in seriousness and potential harm to our nation in the annuls of politics. I should also mention the media treatment of her criminal behavior is definitely unique in the history of politics and the media! I leave it to the reader to decide which criminal is the more heinous between Hillary and the MSM.

Before someone goes on a tangent about elections of the past and how favorable the media was to the liberal side, consider this. The vitriol of past elections has centered around allegations which were shaky and outright false, and importantly, allegations which could neither be proven or dis-proven. Most of the time these were personal attacks of some sort to the opponent, many times coming as quotes from one candidate about the other. Newspapers back then had their fair share of party bias and would print vile things about a candidate they didn’t favor, whether they were true or not. However, real scandals and crimes which were found out, such as Watergate and further back, the Tammany Hall and Teapot Dome scandals, these were not ignored by the majority media of the times! It was considered one thing to favor a certain candidate but quite another to work to cover up serious crime and corruption even of a candidate you favored. Among ‘mainstream’ journalists, such a thing as a journalistic ethics was honored. Politics has always had corruption in the system. Recently corruption has become almost a political hallmark! The media, as a whole, has not been so corrupt until relatively recently in our political history. I believe this election has seen a whole new level of media corruption, which makes their coverage of Hillary Clinton’s criminal behavior unique.

Why do I state the ‘media as a whole’ has been uniquely corrupt? Because the media of even today is still majority liberal/leftist in both declaration and action. There is an expanding conservative media, but with competition on cable TV, and no presence at all on national network TV, the conservative media is still the minority media. Even the growth in radio presence in talk radio make no more than a minor dent in reaching main stream voters. The liberal media is still called the “main stream media”. The overwhelming majority of liberal media elite vote Democrat, over 75-90% by some research. It is not a stretch to say their coverage reflects their voting preferences. I refer doubters of this to the media coverage of the last eight years as documented by Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center.

Why do I state this is a case of ‘unique corruption’? Because this corruption involves not simply mudslinging or insults, or even character assassination. This involves the major media being de facto accessories after the fact in a felonious cover-up of felonious acts of an acting Secretary of State both at the time of the events and to this very day. I would be negligent not to mention that this unique corruption began 8 years ago when the MSM sold out for Obama and the corruption has grown ever since. Much crime, criminal incompetence and even treasonous behavior in this administration has been excused, ignored, and even applauded by those in the MSM! We have seen this through the last two presidential campaigns and administrations, and it is now refined for 2016.

To illustrate, compare the single most infamous political scandal of modern times, Watergate, to the criminal scandals of Hillary and their successive media coverage then and today. Without going into details, media coverage of Watergate at first was only reported by the Washington Post via Woodward and Bernstein, with some follow up in the NY Times and Time magazine. For those who may not know, the Watergate scandal involved a break in at the DNC offices in June of 1972 at the Watergate office building. The break in was a bungled attempt at getting confidential information from the DNC on democratic candidates, presumably to dig up dirt to use against them later. The damaging piece of this scandal was the hint from some of the burglars that those in higher authority in the GOP knew of and authorized this criminal act. The five burglars were not tried and convicted until after the election in early 1973. It was then the investigation into the cover up of the break in kicked into high gear. The rest is history as it led to Nixon resigning in shame, and several of his cabinet and other high officials going to prison. The point is that no one would have been held accountable for this crime if not for the media’s determination to get to the truth and report it!

The media record concerning Hillary Clinton’s crimes show some startling differences. First examine the magnitude of the crimes in both cases. Watergate was a serious threat to election integrity, and such integrity is vital in our country. The media as a whole did their jobs in Watergate, sounding the alarm and getting the action from Congress to squelch it. The Clinton crimes cannot be so easily categorized simply because there are so many. However, the two most serious criminal acts, Benghazi and the E-mail crimes in my opinion, are on a much higher level than Watergate. Benghazi was worse than Watergate for the simple fact that no one was killed in Watergate. It was a crime because 4 dead Americans who pleaded for help in the weeks before the attack were denied that help. During the attack, being witnessed in real time via drone feed to D.C., when help could have been sent, it was deliberately withheld. It was known at the time of the attack that this was a terrorist action, yet that was withheld from public knowledge multiple times by the Obama administration and Hillary and her State Department. The cover up continues to this very day, even in the face of multiple eyewitness testimony from both military and civilians on the site at the time, and the victim’s families that they were lied to on the tarmac in view of the caskets of their fallen loved ones! This amounts to criminal negligence on the battlefield and at home at the very least. At worst, the denials and cover up could be called murder to cover up further serious crimes such as gun running as some have speculated. The e-mail crimes may be of an even higher magnitude for this means that national security was compromised, and we have yet to know how many of our intelligence personnel may have been endangered and killed because of these crimes. As horrible as the needless deaths in Benghazi were, the threat to our nation from that is basically over. Unless the allegations of gun running through Benghazi to Syria are true, in which case we may see Americans die in the future from some of those weapons! The threat from the criminal behavior of the former Secretary of State with classified, top secret, and above top secret material falling into our enemies hands is ongoing with no end in sight! The FBI has cowardly contributed to a cover up of Clinton’s crimes by failing to recommend prosecution of what they knew was against Federal law! Yet the MSM has largely ignored what is the real basic question. The real question isn’t whether or not Hillary is a felon. Everyone who is informed knows she is. The real question is, ‘Why is she considered eligible to run for President of the United States by anyone?’

If the MSM hadn’t swept Benghazi under the rug; if they hadn’t aided and abetted a felonious Secretary of State, we wouldn’t have to ask that question. Nor would we have a seriously compromised state of national security that will be ongoing for years to come even if Hillary is not elected! Perhaps if the MSM had done their job earlier concerning Hillary Rodham Clinton, we wouldn’t be approaching the anniversary of the deaths of Americans in Benghazi doomed by Obama and Hillary, and their families would be together instead of in sorrow. Such are the just the beginning of sorrows from the criminal corruption of the MSM. The only light at the end of this particular dark tunnel is embracing what our founders called “a firm reliance on Divine Providence” and the potential for a renewal of journalistic ethics among the MSM of the very near future.

For the moment, let’s say I’m not holding my breath.


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