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Counter Protesters ARE the cause of violence!

There you go! I said it!

Counter protesters always claim to be for standing justice and righteousness as they chant their politically correct mantras, but to quote Ambassador Yoram Ettinger“Political-correctness resembles a surgeon who focuses on the spot of the surgery, ignoring the complex medical history of the entire body and its bearing upon the surgery.”

Liberal progressives like to ignore everything except their own fabrications. The biblical book of Romans talks about people who deny the existence of the creator and who call the truth a lie and call lies the truth. It says of them that they are given over to darkened minds.

Between the Media, the liberal progressive movement and idiotic movie stars, it seems that there are a lot of people with darkened minds in the USA. They fight for freedom with weapons of totalitarianism. They scream for human rights while seeking to silence the voices and deny the rights of other citizens. Not content with allowing all citizens their right to voice their opinion, they act like lions on the prowl for prey, seeking to attack any and all with whom they disagree.

What they profess with their mouths is quite obviously not what they really believe where the rubber meets the road of action.

Recently there was violence and death at a White Supremacy Rally in Charlottesville. A white supremacist deliberately drove his car into a crowd killing and injuring people. And the puerile left and their hysterics went into overdrive.

When my children were small and they persisted to do something inside the house that had obvious potential for damage, I would warn them of the likely consequences of their actions and then when something did go wrong and they said ‘but it was an accident,’ I would say ‘no it was not! It was a foregone conclusion.’

Counter protesters turning up to face off with those on a legally approved protest are deliberately doing wrong and I don’t care which idiotic famous person says otherwise. Counter protesters turning up to other people’s rallies and protests are firstly denying the democratic and legal rights of ordinary citizens irrespective of their beliefs and protest points.

Secondly, such counter protesters go to the rallies and protests with the intention of creating a disturbance. They have a deliberate plan to cause trouble and like puerile bullies they want to cry and complain when they not only fail to achieve their purposes BUT get knocked on their butts.

What happened in Charlottesville had two components. The first and most important was the counter protesters deliberate intention to prevent a legal protest (I have not read where the white supremacist protests were illegal – only that an hour before a protest permission was withdrawn because of counter protester’s totalitarian attitudes) and they turn up to confront those protesters. The deadly second component was the REACTION to those counter protesters and their intention to ‘face off’ and disrupt.

The first component was essential to the instigation of the second. Without the counter protesters belligerent refusal to allow the exercise of democratic rights, there would have been no violence. Plain and simple! They went looking for trouble and found it and like children they said ‘it wasn’t our fault! It was the other guys fault!’ Sorry guys but there is a natural principle in the universe called cause and effect.

When you run a red light you risk not just a ticket from a cop but death. When it transpires that the other driver was over the alcohol limit or speeding, does that negate your accountability? Drunk or not and speeding or not that other driver would never have collided with you had you not ignored the law and not ignored commonsense.

The counter protesters created the situation which gave rise to the violence. This does not excuse the deadly act perpetrated, but the deadly act perpetrated does not excuse the belligerence of counter-protesters and their intentional interference with the freedoms and rights of citizens.

The puerile counter protesters would claim that we as a society should not tolerate the white supremacists. That sounds really reasonable to a childish mind incapable of rational thought. First and foremost, it is every citizen’s right to freely associate with and freely protest with any group who under law has the right of association and protest. Who then are counter protesters to demand that white supremacists should not be tolerated? Who are the counter protesters to demand that they themselves should be tolerated? I say that they should not be tolerated and that they should be banned from ‘in your face’ counter protests.

If one group is legally entitled to march and protest in relation to ideology ‘A’ and there is a group who are anti-‘A’ then anti-‘A’ should organize their protest at a different time in a different location (or even same time and location but on a different date).

When an ideological group deliberately set out to confront another group exercising their democratic rights, the first thing that happens is that democracy is denied and the second is akin to smoking a cigarette in a tinder dry forest. When the fire breaks out it is not an accident but a foregone conclusion.

If citizens consider that a particular ideological group is dangerous, then their duty is to get law enforcement to ban the group, but one should be careful about running around demanding groups be banned because yours may be the next group banned.

“We will not tolerate” means ‘YOU must do what I say!’ It is totalitarian! It is the basis of so much evil in this world. In a democratic society (no I am not interested in the anally retentive alt-right bleating that America is a republic); in a democratic society people are allowed to have ideas and opinions and associations concerning which we disagree and/or disapprove.

The liberal progressives claim to respect DIVERSITY! Duh! Diversity? What does diversity actually mean but that society is made up of different elements? Ideologically, progressives believe in diversity but where the rubber hits the road they actually believe in ‘sanctioned diversity.’ That means we like people with brown eyes, hazel eyes and green eyes but we don’t allow people with blue eyes into our diverse society. You don’t believe me? Then why at the gay pride march were the gay Trump supporters banned and at the dyke rally the Jewish women were banned? Liberal progressives are hypocrites if nothing else.

When counter protesters set out to impede, provoke and confront an opposing ideological group, what results is what one would expect to result and only the idiotic, mindless, anally retentive and just plain stupid person would claim that it is not their fault that the protesters got upset or took action against them. I’m pretty sure that if enough heterosexual people blocked the entrances to gay bars that some gays would turn to violence.

Violence is wrong, but in the case of ‘in your face’ counter protesting, without the counter protest there would be no violence.

Grow up people! You are responsible for your actions, and no matter how righteous you may believe your cause to be, unrighteous behavior and hatred nullify the righteousness of your alleged righteous cause.

But who are we kidding here? Counter protesters don’t believe in righteousness or otherwise. They are just rabble – SS troopers – sent in to do their master’s bidding. Give them all a baton and gun and see how quickly they will turn into killing machines to rid society of all its evils – starting with Donald Trump of course!

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