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A story headline on the Drudge Report this morning (06/09/2018): ‘Climate change’ may ‘destroy civilization’… paraphrases Pope Francis and one of his seeming primary concerns i.e., the health of the planet… One wonders whether Pope Francis thinks God has any say regarding the health of the planet?

We note that if Pope Francis was to reflect upon his two immediate predecessors, viz: Pope Benedict XVI and Saint John Paul II each considered the same civilization dying – having turned from God – as it allowed, and encouraged, the murder of millions of infants (abortion) and normalizing ubiquitous sodomy and other sundry sexual perversities; John Paul II – in 1993 – referred to the culture as the “culture-of-death” and Pope Benedict XVI – as Cardinal Ratzinger – in his 1989 book The Yes, of Jesus Christ labeled the civilization as a “civilization of death”… Given that the culture which Francis’s predecessors intimated was inimical to human life hasn’t reversed its moral decay, it seems that Francis should be promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ. Oddly, it seems that Jesus Christ – and the mission he left His Church – occupies very little of Pope Francis’s papacy… Francis seems to be using his papacy to dramatically – albeit surreptitiously – change the Church; whereby he de-emphasizes doctrine and emphasizes tolerance and even acceptance of unrepentant immorality as acceptable.

Pope Francs worries about the ordering of the material world – neglecting the ordering of the souls of people of the world (something quite odd for the Vicar of Christ to be doing, since Christ redeemed all humans, but Salvation is garnered through aligning one’s will to the Father’s unchangeable Will…) – while seeming to have a view of humankind very much in agreement the wicked Barack Obama. Francis seems to desire to conform the Church to the World – something of the antithesis of Christ’s Church assigned mission; another oddity for a Saint Peter’s successor… Such things lead many orthodox Catholics (colloquially referred to as conservative Catholics) and Christians to wonder whether Pope Francis is actually a Catholic, a nominal Christian, an insidious iconoclast or antichrist…

Or is the current Pope just a sentimental apostate materialist? Or is Francis a postmodernist that happens to be educated as a Jesuit priest with the propensity to reflexively reduce Jesus Christ to Jorge Bergoglia’s (Pope Francis’s name) particular psychology (i.e., is Francis simply an egoist seeking approval from the World’s movers and shakers)? Modern Catholics – those would be Catholics which reduce their religion to themselves (i.e., those whose religious views affirm whatever lifestyle choices that they and their loved ones may make), i.e., those which desire that the Church be conformed to the World – like most citizens of the culture-of-death – embrace Francis because he appeals to them emotionally; flattering the sensibilities of the sentimental.

Given that “faith” presupposes reason (dogs, cats, chickens, goats, porpoises, pigs, chimpanzees, and dolphins haven’t the capacity for faith; irrespective of how much zoologists may wish otherwise), one would think Francis – like his predecessors – would teach and appeal to man’s intellectual capacities…? Francis gives traditional Catholic doctrines – whether the direct teachings of Jesus Christ, or those theologically derived thereof – the short shrift, in favor of ambiguous heterodoxy. Some think civilization – Jesus Christ may be counted among those thinkers – benefits more when civilization accords with the Will of God, it seems Pope Francis knows better…?

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