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So maybe Donald J. Trump is one of the thousands of so-called placed sleeper cells of Russia? With his love for Putin, and the homeland Russia, maybe it may be more realistic than one could possibly imagine. Think about it, Donald destroys any Constitutional Conservative from the Republican Party, and now invites Russia to give more information concerning the Hillary emails.

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’ll be able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” he said, referring to deleted emails from the private account Hillary Clinton used as secretary of State. “I think you’ll probably be rewarded mightily by our press.” spoken by Donald J. Trump during his news conference on Wednesday.

This is not only espionage but also treason. This plays into the hands of high crimes against the USA. At this point, I call strongly for an FBI and CIA investigation of Donald J. Trump, his visit to Russia a couple years ago, and any correspondence or funding by Russian government officials since the 2012 political campaign season.

While committing espionage and treason against America, he found time to insult the sitting President. While Obama is short of being a good President, reasonable President, or intellectual President, I would not have spoken such words also calling President Obama “the most ignorant president in our history,” alleged that Russian President Vladimir Putin had disparaged Obama with “the n-word” and inaccurately paraphrased Obama speaking in a stereotype of African American dialect.

“His views of the world, as he says, ‘don’t jive,’, ” Trump said. Obama had recently used the word “jibe” in contrasting his views with Trump’s. While Trump tries to insult Obama, he might not want to be a choker. His spelling is terrible, and would remind one of a foreigner trying to spell phonetically.

So how low will Trump go? The unprecedented comments in a campaign that has pushed multiple boundaries came after days of increased interest in Trump’s relationship with Russia, his statements that he might renege on U.S. commitments to defend NATO allies against Russian aggression and his frequently espoused admiration for Putin. Trump threatens to renege on NA but loves Putin.  So will the real Comrade Trump please stand up!!!

“This undoubtedly sends a message to Russia that Trump is, at best, a fan, and at worst, manipulating and a bit of a loose cannon,” said Olga Oliker, director of the Russia and Eurasia program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “Russia will look at this, whether it’s political theater or not, as [confirmation] that Trump would be better for them than Clinton, who would take a measured approach and discourage things that run counter to U.S. interests.”

Others who chimed in concerning the Comrades words had many similar thoughts. “Trump’s comments probably did not meet the standard for criminal incitement but showed poor judgment,” said Susan Hennessey, a national security and governance fellow at the Brookings Institution. “Someone who is asking to be elected to the presidency should be more respectful of this nation’s institutions,” said Hennessey, a former lawyer for the National Security Agency.

State Department spokesman John Kirby refused to comment, saying that the nation’s diplomats were staying out of politics

While Comrade Trump is making more of a fool of himself, “If it is Russia and they are interfering in our elections, I can assure you both parties and the United States government will ensure there are serious consequences,” Pence said. “That said, the Democrats [are] singularly focusing on who might be behind it and not addressing the basic fact that they’ve been exposed as a party who not only rigs the government but rigs elections while literally accepting cash for federal appointments is outrageous.”

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, called it “staggeringly poor judgment even for him” and “breathtakingly irresponsible” in a statement.

“What Donald Trump did today needs to be examined not through a political lens, but this is a national security issue now,” Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, said during a Democratic convention lunch in Philadelphia hosted by the Wall Street Journal.

This is a sad day in politics when several conservatives have come out strongly in agreement with the criminal Hillary Clinton against the Comrade Trump. Time to remove these two criminals and restart the campaign from scratch. Time for Congress to investigate what can be done to stop the insanity! Until that point, we do need to investigate as a country into Comrade Trump’s life and if he is a Russian plant, then he needs to be brought into the light as such. Time for Homeland Security to do their job!!!


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