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I recently spoke with someone close me about current Presidential Candidates.

I said that Hillary Clinton is not fit to be President of this country, and my friend said “based on what?” To which I replied, “OMG are you kidding me?!”

Hillary and Bill Clinton are the biggest scum bags on the planet, they have sucked off the Government tit for as long as they have been in government. They both have crapped on the rules and used their positions for personal gain which is supposed to be against the law and as Secretary of State Hillary sold access to Middle Eastern Countries for cash. Cash that was paid through donations to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton can’t even fill half the room when speaking and no one wants to hear what the old pervert has to say. Our country took a spiral to a new low level when we elected Barack Obama or whatever his name is? Barry Soetoro ? Now in his last term he has come out of the closet as a Muslim Terrorist sympathizer who is more worried about Muslim feelings than people killed by the Radical Islamic movement that is sweeping our country because of Obama’s leadership or lack there of.

There is a wake of misdeeds, crimes uninvestigated and dead Americans in the Clintons past and if Hillary is elected it will be the end of the bill of rights and the Constitution of the United States of America. We can’t run this country on what less than one percent of Americans think is right and just because you pass a law doesn’t mean it is a good one. With this Campaign for President so much has been revealed about what is wrong with our election system. We act like a free people but are not and with voting there is always someone else making the decisions or another group with the authority to pick the winner and not the people who it should be. We must re-write the election rules and procedures in this country if we are going to have a government that is for the people. We must put a stop to the Democratic party that is hell bent on bringing on line the New World Order or another Marxist Regime.

I told my friend that Donald Trump’s appeal is that he already has money and he is against corruption.

The current Heroin epidemic is the fault of the President and Congress for making Security at our Border stand down. This government which is Democrat has an agenda that if allowed to continue will wipe out assets, culture and life as we know it. Middle and lower class Americans will be in a state of Emergency and taken over by Government Tyranny. There is much at stake in this election and even the corrupt Republicans are trying to Sabotage the people’s choice Donald Trump. There is much power and money at stake and these people have been cheating and stealing from the United States Citizens for a long time and now is the time to end it and Investigate all involved in illegal activities and jail those that need to be jailed, we must send a message to all government officials that corruption and criminal behavior will not be tolerated.

This is my opinion and I hope you all feel like I do and are ready to do whatever we can to take back our country.



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