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President of the Swiss-founded New Helvetic Society (London), Daniel Pedroletti, said “(Britain wants) to be like Switzerland but they don’t know that Switzerland has to pay an enormous amount to the EU… They will have to accept the free movement of people and pay high fees and accept some laws which they would have no influence on.”

Norway has buckled to EU demands, too, and is obedient to all and every EU law and rule, even moreso than actual EU members! Britain has been like this for a long time, which makes many EU-Loathers very angry! So, Norway, though not in the EU, nevertheless obeys the EU like sheep, but without having any voting rights. This is why the advice is: The British should study the case of Norway closely. But mainly as a negative example of what to avoid.” (Fjordman, Gatestone Institute, 15th Sept).

When Britain voted to leave the EU, all close observers of EU fiddling and fascism, knew what to expect: the EU doing deals behind the scenes, EU bosses beginning a bullying campaign against Britain, and the new UK PM outwardly agreeing to get out, while secretly wanting to stay in. And all this is happening.

Marine Le Pen, of France’s National Front, said Brexit was “the most important moment since the fall of the Berlin Wall.” But, I remember watching the Berlin Wall coming down and saying that “only the physical wall came down – the ideology behind it remains and will continue.” And so we saw, and continue to experience, the growing fascism of the EU as it maintains tight control over all of Europe, while adversely bringing in millions of Muslims to cause the downfall of the West.

Nigel Farage stepped down from his role as leader of UKIP, no doubt influenced by the many death threats from EU supporters. I find it odd that Britain fought Hitler and fascism to keep free, and yet have slowly accepted the chains of totalitarianism from the EU. They forget that control of the EU is in the vice-like grip of Germany, and its lackey, France. Just as they want to build an EU armed forces (to join with the UN – Marxist – in ‘defending’ the EU), so Britain wants to leave. As the UK’s Daily Express quipped, the EU is afraid that a successful Britain would cause other countries to leave, too. It is a correct assumption, hence the bullying tactics!

Farage said the Norwegian people have been deceived by their Europhile leaders, and are just as shackled by their ‘associate’ status to the EU as any full member state… and it costs them billions! One of the major laws they accept, along with Switzerland, is free movement.

What this has means to the UK is very obvious – massive migration of both EU and Muslim people, almost all of whom enter Britain to receive ultra-generous state benefits, but without working for them. They get free housing, free education, free health provision… you name it and the migrants get it, thanks to the EU idiocy that makes no sense – free movement. The UK voted in large numbers to reject this law and policy, because they have suffered under the policy for many years.

As a result of the policy most now have to work about five years over retirement age, or get a much reduced state pension (except for Muslims, who get everything they demand), housing is now in great shortage (because migrants are given accommodation, sometimes in high-wealth areas and housing, because of the number of children), education is stretched to its limit and the UK is paying ridiculous fees to employ translators, because foreign criminals, pupils, and patients don’t bother to learn English. No other EU country does this – you either learn the language or you struggle!

Scholars who study all this have warned that because Norway implements EVERY EU directive even before the time required, its own constitution and democracy are undermined extensively.

When the UK people voted for Brexit, they made very specific demands – to stop free movement and to take back their borders; to stop the influx of Muslims (because of the obvious trouble they cause in other EU countries), and to immediately get out of the EU, thus keeping UK money in the UK.

UK EU Great Britain European Union BrexitMost agree that Britain should get out straight away regardless of any negotiations, otherwise the longer it delays, the more bullying will be made by the EU. Farage says this is already happening, and Britain is being bullied to accept the ‘essential’ laws on free movement, even though it is just a social requirement by totalitarians, and is nothing to do with trade. Most agree it is better to leave and reject every law of the EU, rather than again be subject to its cancerous controls. Even if Britain had no agreements in place, it would be better than allowing the EU to boss the negotiations and end up just as slave-like as Switzerland and Norway.

Farage goes so far as to say the EU “is at war with Britain” (Daily Express). And he is right, as he usually is. In Brussels they say the UK cannot expect to pick and choose a trade deal. But, isn’t this the whole point of negotiations, to get the best deal for the provider of trade? Yet, the EU picked its most virulent lover of totalitarianism to lead negotiations with Britain. Farage calls the man “a fanatic”. On the British side most who lead negotiations were against Brexit, so there is no real reason to trust either party.

When Farage made his final speech to the EU parliament the MEPs jeered him. Of course they did – the most effective weapon against EU fascism has always been Farage! Now they act like stupid spoilt brats shouting remarks from behind their safe wall. Which only serves to prove their inability to sort things out.

All the EU leaders are adding their boots to kick the British. President Juncker pointed a finger at the murder of a Pole in Britain, saying it was provoked by Brexit. Eh? It is hard to see the logic there, especially when so many Poles in Britain have themselves murdered UK citizens and are criminals! The provocation in nearly all cases is the simple fact that when you dump rogue or alien cultures together, there is BOUND to be trouble. And all welcomed by socialist agenda writers, because social chaos is essential before a one world government can be formed. The same goes for a lesser socialist grouping like the EU.

Sir James Dyson, a British tycoon entrepreneur, says he is excited by the prospect of leaving the EU, even without agreements. He said the EU would be really stupid to impose sanctions on British businesses for leaving immediately, because the UK is a big importer of EU goods. As he said, the EU is not the UK’s only potential market, so he would like to see an immediate Brexit.

Meanwhile, as EU bosses rattle their rusty sabres, British employment rates have gone up and there are fewer jobless, trade is beginning to recover from a minor blip, and finances as a whole are building. Britain is thankful that Obama’s dire warning was ignored! (He has taken the USA into trillions of dollars of deep debt, decreased employment and created a racist society, as the most useless president ever).

It is the view of all who voted to leave the EU that they would rather lose all kinds of things, including finances, if it meant being totally free of the EU. Now, the people must keep pushing the government to make sure they obey the referendum decision. The alternative can only be more slavery to fascism, but with the added venom of an EU leadership that hated Britain for daring to vote against them. There is a war, an ideological one that can seal the fate of Britain or release it.


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