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Our nation is obviously split apart into two political camps. We’ve been suffering through this reality for too many years. On the left are people fighting for a large government that will take care of its people. On the right are people fighting for a smaller government whose primary task is “America First”. This is obviously simplistic but it is the basis of everything that is wrong with our nation.

I’ve been accused of being a wild – eyed liberal leftist whose primary ideas are based around far left progressive concepts that will bankrupt all of America and push it into a zombie like economy in which no one can advance. I always thought I was a left of middle conservative whose beliefs are based on Constitutional Law and fiscal responsibility. I believe Donald Trump placed anyone who did not entirely follow his ideas into a group he calls wild – eyed liberal leftists. After he won the election he spoke to the nation stating he wanted to unify a divided country. After viewing his rally from Pennsylvania I assume he gave up on this concept.

Observing the people behind Trump’s rally I noticed a variety of people from young children to mid-aged adults to the elderly. They were all casually dressed and many held placards that belonged in campaign rallies that should have ended months before. Since I’ve heard the same details of Trump’s speech many times over I concentrated on who the people were in the background.

I noticed the children first. They were all excited and enjoyed jumping up and screaming every time they saw the adults around them do the same. I doubt if they understood what they were yelling about but what child doesn’t like to yell. One young girl held a sign stating that women supported Trump. Since I have a granddaughter about the same age I know she is more interested in her dolls and friends then she is about women’s rights. In other words, most children would rather be anywhere else.

My eyes then passed to the adults that surrounded the children. They were all obviously proud to be there but every now and then they would look down at the children making sure all was OK. I observed some of the mothers and fathers wrap their arms around the children proudly displaying they invited their offspring to what they probably considered an important time in their nation’s history. It was like they took their children to Disney World for the first time.

There were many husbands and wives behind the President. I tried to focus on their faces in order to understand who these people are. They all jumped to their feet every time Donald Trump reiterated what he discussed before he was elected but their expressions showed concern. Many were young adults or middle aged dressed in the uniforms of the middle class. I know what they were concerned with. They were hoping this new leader would protect their jobs and their futures. They hoped their family would remain safe and be allowed to evolve into their futures and the futures of their children. The women behind this new President had the most obvious expressions on their faces because all they were concerned about was their family’s health, happiness, safety, and future.

There were also a few elderly people in the crowd that was there to support the new President. I smiled when I saw many with flannel shirts and a bit too worn jeans. They were not smiled as much as their counterparts because they’ve been through many of these times of change. Their faces confirmed the fact that change can either be good, bad, or make no difference at all. Some may have fought for their country but most must have spent their lives working for their families and their family’s future. They all looked tired but refused to give up.

Our nation is obviously split apart into two political camps. Not listening to Donald Trump but rather observing the people who were camped behind him made me come to the realization I was not just observing far right wing isolationist who believe the doctrine of “America First” will make America Great. Again. I was actually looking in a mirror in order to observe me.

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