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The lives of Blacks mean nothing to Black Live Matter.

The rise of the hate group Black Lives matter, should be of great concern to every law abiding citizen, not only in the USA but worldwide.  This group born out of a lie and promoted by dishonorable politicians including our president poses one of the greatest threats to American Society after ISIS.

Before I incur the wrath of most Democrats and University deadbeats let me elucidate. (Look it up in the dictionary students)   The origins of BLM can be traced back to the Zimmerman case where a young pot smoking thug attacked a Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer who had noticed him lurking around a gated community. While awaiting the Police Martin approached Zimmerman and attacked him. Knocking him to the ground and repeatedly beating his head against a curbstone. Causing lacerations and putting Zimmerman in fear of serious injury. Zimmerman was a licensed concealed carry holder and shot Martin once. , immediately before the police arrived. As with all fatal shootings the police began a thorough investigation, but before this got underway and before any autopsy results or witness statements had been gathered. The Obama administration aided by the press, jumped into the fray. The DOJ dispatched an attorney with orders to charge Zimmerman with murder. The Police chief in charge of the investigation protested but was overruled. Leaving him no choice but to resign. The press gleefully reported that an unarmed black youth minding his own business had been slain by a white racist. When it turned out Zimmerman was Hispanic, they invented the term white Hispanic. NBC news got hold of a 911 tape and quickly doctored it to support their claim that Zimmerman was the attacker and was indeed a racist. Of course this idea quickly fell apart when Fox News broadcast the original unedited tape. Meanwhile the Black Panther hate group put a bounty on Zimmerman’s head dead or alive and at least one progressive media group obliged by publishing his name and address. Democratic senators, speaking under house privilege also stated falsely that Zimmerman had hunted down Martin like a dog before executing him. Of course Zimmerman finally got his day in court and the prosecution case quickly collapsed. Justice did indeed triumph despite the efforts of the left to usurp it.

In Ferguson Missouri in 2014 a black looter Michel Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson, after the officer had stopped him after obtaining a description of the man who had just robbed a convenience store .a struggle ensued when Brown tried to grab the officer’s gun and a shot was discharged inside the vehicle. Wilson exited the vehicle and ordered Brown to stop and submit to arrest, Brown did not and after running at the officer was shot and killed.

This is when BLM really racked up the rhetoric, despite multiple witnesses the movement seized on an interview from one of Browns friends that Brown had raised his hands and asked the officer not to shoot. The testimony was of course immediately rubbished by the witnesses and cell phone video taken at the time, as well as the autopsy report but it did not matter, Hands up don’t shoot became the rallying cry for the group who continued their false and twisted narrative.

BLM organized mass protest marches and chanted for the murder of police officers nationwide. Chants like what do we want dead cops, when do we want it now, and Pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon, were televised worldwide. The Black activist movement responded by carrying out multiple gun attacks on Police officers, killing several .  The president, still in denial invited the leaders of BLM to the white house while police forces up and down the country held funerals for their fallen officers and waited in vain for any democrat politician to, at least attend a funeral.

In the United Kingdom chanting BLM supporters shut down the approach roads to Heathrow airport last week, much to the anger and frustration of the holiday maker’s .Over 30 protesters were arrested.

Meanwhile in the city of Chicago was under virtual siege with 141 murders in the first 3 months of 2016; Arise of 88% over last year.

The vast majority were shootings of black citizens by black criminal gangs or black children caught up in the crossfire.  BLM was of course silent on these killings, they have no interest in black lives, unless they are taken by whites. The Democrat controlled city led by the Presidents former chief of staff, of course blamed lack of gun control. Strange in a city that bans the carry of guns by its citizens. BLMs response so far has been to call for the disbandment of the Police force and its function to be handed to them.

In Baltimore a black mayor ordered the police to stand down as a BLM inspired mob torched and looted several properties in her city. And later her Attorney General   Marilyn Mosby ordered the arrest of 6 police officers who were involved in the arrest of a black man Freddie Gray who was injured while thrashing around in the back of a police van. The subsequent trial for murder again collapsed resulting in a ranting statement from Mosby that the system was against her.

The rise of BLM from a protest group to an international organization committed to black domination and the execution of police officers must be countered. So far the Democrat party under President Obama and Hillary Clinton has backed BLM. The Republicans led by presidential nominee Donald Trump have campaigned for law and order to be respected.

As a former Police Officer I can see the dangers from encouraging BLM. Continued promotion of their twisted ideology is likely to lead to a race war of the likes never seen in this country.


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