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A laboratory in Wuhan China that funded by Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates went on high alert after a cholera infection was discovered in the facility.

Students were put on “high alert” a week ago over the cholera outbreak and were placed in isolation as the facility took steps to mitigate the problem, the South China Morning Post reported on July 11.

At least one patient reported symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea and low fever, the paper added.

The local Chinese government confirmed that cholera was the pathogen that caused the cases and spurred the lockdown.

An infected student reported the symptoms to university officials and was later transferred to a local hospital where cholera was identified as the root cause of the student’s illness.

Local Chinese officials claimed that the situation was contained.

“The disease has been controlled and the symptoms gone after effective treatment. We have organized professional agencies to conduct sample testing and contact tracing and had the environment sealed off and sterilized. No new cases have been found so far,” officials insisted.

The labs at the school are partially funded by the Microsoft billionaire.

On the Gates Foundation website, the Wuhan University funding is described as an attempt “to establish international research networks and data sharing platforms as well as develop policy recommendations for improving the medical insurance system in China.”

Students rushed to social media to report having been isolated in their rooms and being forced to undergo testing and anal swabs to mitigate the spread of the disease.

Cholera is caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae and is often food or water born and common in areas with ineffective sewage and water treatment facilities. It was common in the U.S. prior to modern water treatment systems.

“Nearly all cholera cases reported in U.S. are acquired during international travel. U.S. travelers to areas with cholera (for example, parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, or Haiti),” the Centers for Disease Control notes on its website.

“Cholera is an acute diarrheal illness caused by infection of the intestine with Vibrio cholerae bacteria. People can get sick when they swallow food or water contaminated with cholera bacteria. The infection is often mild or without symptoms, but can sometimes be severe and life-threatening,” the CDC explained.

The World Heath Organization adds that people infected with cholera can have the bacteria in their waste for up to ten days even if they never develop symptoms, meaning they may be able to infect others even if they aren’t sick.

Officials estimate that each year there are 1.3 to 4.0 million cases of cholera, and 21 000 to 143 000 deaths worldwide due to cholera.

The disease can act quickly to dehydrate and kill those infected, sometimes in days, or even hours, if not treated with fluids and antibiotics.

It is unsurprising that Gates is once again connected to such a dangerous scandal considering the long and growing list of things he is meddling in across the world.

Gates is the focus of a lot of unusual, dangerous, or suspicious behaviors. For instance, he is now the biggest owner of farmland in the U.S.A., but refuses to say why he continues to buy up farmland and dangerously locating so much of our capacity to feed ourselves all in one man’s investment portfolio.

But he is also attempting to force humanity to eat synthetic foods, which could be a clue as to his motivation for buying farmland. Some fear Gates may be looking to prevent food being grown so he has an easier path to forcing synthetic food on the world.

Gates has also been a major proponent of the various coronavirus vaccines, and has even complained that he is a target of “misinformation” over the scheme to deliver COVID vaccines to every human on the planet.

The tech billionaire is also a major proponent of climate change schemes and a funder of fantasy alternative energy projects.

In short, Gates is one of the biggest advocates in the world for top down control by government elites and taking choices away from common citizens.

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