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America is the first nation that adored and glorified achievement.  People who rose from the throes of poverty to opulence were once looked up to with reverence and admiration.  The giants of industry, the people who mange most of the capital of the country, have an awesome responsibility to not only preserve their wealth but to increase it.  This capital is the seed that makes it possible for industry to be competitive in a world of cheap labor.  This capital is what the nation relies upon to make employment possible for Americans.  It is proverbially the goose that lays the golden eggs.  The managers of this fundamental resource are daily condemned and punishment sought for doing what they are required to do i.e. profit.  Profits are what are necessary for capital to expand and produce.

The booming challenge to capitalism and profits is a crescendo of hate and envy that is orchestrated by the academics, the media and of course the politicians.  These misguided groups who rely on capitalism to work and profit are attacking the very basic requirement a robust economy requires.  Why?  The politicians do it because they think the ignorant poor Americans who are in greater numbers will vote for their vindictive rhetoric. The academics do it because they rely on the trough of government confiscation and redistribution.  They also do not understand capitalism, how it works and why it is the only reasonable alternative to save America from the throes of collapse.  The media simply reports.  The media analysts with few exceptions are tone deft to capitalism and are so enamored with political news they ignore such opportunities of exposure as the inaccurate method of accounting used in reporting inflation, the lack of purpose in the staging of wars and an absolute misunderstanding of the evils of altruism.

rich wealthyAny person who reads this and imagines getting rich doesn’t expect to be vilified for achievement.  Yet we see and hear grumbling and hatred for those who have taken the risks, saved and invested and projected accurately the market they sought.  What is wrong with this attitude?  Taking down the successful with hatred and envy doesn’t make the underachievers more competent or more wealthy.  The successful provide sustainable jobs fed by profits.  The parasites in the political realm feed on these profits and couldn’t exist without them.  These political parasites have spent the country into a debt load that is beyond comprehension and relief.  These thugs have in essence stolen the wealth of America to pander to the gullible who wanted something for nothing.  The farmers who wanted subsidies, the labor unions that wanted legal avenues to expand their empires. The services that should have been turned over to the private sector such as the Post office and Amtrak. Those merchants of redistribution not only took the wealth of America but they indentured the country to the extent it has become un repayable.

In the past there was a realization that money did not come from government borrowing.  There were the war bonds during World War Two.  Bonds Americans bought to support the war effort.  Now we have two far more expensive wars going on and the method of funding it lies in the borrowing of Congress.  We have a Congress with a simplistic idea that stimulus by the government will improve the economy.  Zimbabwe and Venezuela tried that.

The rhetoric of increasing and maintaining government spending has proven to be vacuous and still it goes on.  The reality of the consequences of this policy of theft and redistribution are rapidly becoming more clear.  The reality of hyper-inflation or depression is all that is on the horizon given the path of spending that shows no sign of diminishing.  Helping the poor by destroying the rich has never been a workable plan.  The Soviet Union tried the class redistribution ploy and showed the world how a major super power can turn into a second class country.

Ask yourself what a government can do with the money that the rich holds in capital.  They would not create wealth with it or provide sustainable jobs.  They would only redistribute it to the people who would support them and eventually that money would disappear into the abyss of government waste.  It is time to recognize where wealth comes from, where it disappears to and by what vehicle and to quiet the loud voices who scream the rich are evil and should pay for welfare projects the politicians will take credit for.


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