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He’s right, you know.

Anti-Trump Republican strategist, Alex Castellanos, was making sense over the weekend when he argued that if the election were held today, Trump would win by more than he did last time.

His reasons?

One – the economy is still humming along.

Two – he’s working hard to keep Americans safe.

In fact, this one-two punch has been Trump’s mantra all along. Get Americans working, and keep them safe from outside danger.

(Some could argue that these have been the most basic functions of government – stay out of the market and keep us safe – since we successfully left the United Kingdom.)

Watch: (the segment starts around 26 minutes into the video, but really gets going around minute 32…)

Alex Castellanos: It’s still his Republican Party. And by the way, if the election were held today against the Democratic party he’s running against, I think Donald Trump will win by more than he won last time. The Democratic Party is going crazy left. The only thing that has changed — neither party has changed, by the way, Republicans or Democrats since Trump was elected except Trump is now not theory, he’s fact and it’s an impressive record…

Let me just say Trump’s choice is clear, growth and locking the doors at night and security. The Democrats’ response has not been about either of those, it’s only been about the mommy bear party, care-giving and nourishing. It’s like a 1950s sitcom, and in that case, the daddy bear party usually beats the mommy bear party…

I’m not advocating, I’m just telling you Trump has got a very strong hand going into 2020.

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