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The idea of a ‘Convention of States’ has almost immediate appeal among Originalists, natural-law advocates and many whom profess themselves ‘conservative’ and likely many too on the social-political Left if it came right down to it.

This because the Left knows the dominant culture is on their side. Even if the delegates to a convention were selected from Hillsdale college graduates (figure the chances of that from the 50 States) it is likely that many a Connor Lamb – or John McCain will be among them.

Would the selection of delegates be a popularity contest? In most States, in this culture the Lamb and McCain type beats Thomas Jefferson, and Madison…

Nearly all Americans souls/minds are infected in insidious ways with this culture with a unconscious belief in meaninglessness; the University of the Founding Fathers reflected derivative Thomism (Saint Thomas Aquinas’s worldview a.k.a. Christendom), but the University today reflects (exceptions Hillsdale and Grove City colleges et al…) the decaying derivatives from the Kant’s Copernican Revolution (this is essentially the antithesis of Christendom i.e., an exchange of an objective worldview for the subjective worldviews i.e., as many as individuals). Kant – inadvertently – laid the foundation for the rise of the ideologue i.e., the unfaith rapacious nihilist…

The Constitution of the United States of America presupposes a rational i.e., moral people; such a people acknowledge the hierarchy of the inalienable Rights Jefferson proposes in the Declaration, and understands Life is fundamental.

A concept of rational presupposes God, and a rational God, thus the God of Judeo-Christianity. Irrespective of what faith the Founders avowed their worldview was undeniably rational, thus the natural law was also a presupposition of the positive law… I fear too many – even among tea partiers, conservatives, natural-law types and originalists – are unconsciously infected with the dominant culture, and in a Convention-of-States, would give away the store; moreover, the Soros dollars would be utilized to plant the poison delegates…

If one could guarantee the disposition of the souls of the delegates, then most of my fears of a Convention-of-States would be allayed.


Thomas J. Donegan

[email protected]

iPatriot Contributers


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