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As preliminary to a repeal of the 17th Amendment one must understand that most ameliorative changes will occur organically; once the Federal Government is again checked – by the States – power will flow to each individual State, but it will take a number of years for the process to be accomplished; immediately – however – the Federal Government will be forced to block grant monies for State functions newly acquired from the Federal Government.

These States will pare (reduce) whatever obligations/services (e.g., welfare programs, University funding, etc. ) they receive post-repeal as the social-structures alter… Keep in mind the cooperation between Federal and State Governments will be coerced by the States because a Federal budget will never be enacted unless signed off by the States i.e., the Senate.

Regarding the 17th Amendment repeal… Note some of these changes too will be organic, rather than immediate…

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1.) Senators appointed by State Representatives can be removed by State Representatives pursuant to their respective State Constitutions. The Senate will represent the State, rather than the people of the State… Each Mr. Smith reading this – if a State citizen and at least 35 – can be appointed to the Senate for a nominal campaign cost of a hotel room and travel to their respective State Capital… Term limits – for House members – wouldn’t mean much one way or another, because the only legislation ever to become law would need majority support of the States.

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2.) Upon repeal, the budgetary process would result – necessarily – in most all Federal Government functions become temporary block grants to the States. Eventually – as a practical necessity and as a moral imperative – States will reduce Government dependency to the reality of the dependant i.e., those in need will be cared for, those which can be made independent/self-reliant will be…

3.) Federal Jurists would actually receive a true vetting e.g., Senators could ask potential Jurists to reconcile their pro-abortion stance with the inalienable Right to Life, and reject them for their inability to “square-the-circle.”

4.) Federal Jurist can be impeached, as they may be now; although one may get House Republicans to impeach a Jurist, the Senate – as presently constituted will never prosecute. Ditto removing Democrat Presidents (Clinton would have been toast, if the Senate was State appointees).

5.) State law remains State Law; one may accomplish a Republican House blocking appeals to the Federal Courts (e.g., homosexual marriage act Obergefell vs. Hodges), but never get the Senate agreement. Had Senators been appointed, the 34 States which had laws defining marriage as “one male and one female” would not have allowed the California appeal and the House would have agreed…

6.) The Press (all publications) will become more local, since most functions of Government will be State functions; the Press will become competitive, local and less ideological – reflecting the alteration in Academics…

7.) Universities will become less ideological, because the Federal Government will have no influence. States – as a practical matter – will emphasize academic excellence rather than ideology… And honest debate will reign in the University and the rational worldview will again gain ascendency, thus American society will again promote virtue.

8.) Church’s will cease – again gradually and as a practical necessity – promoting the State (this writer is a Catholic, and detests the Catholic Church tacit cooperation with this culture and the Democrat Party advocacies…) and again encourage moral virtue…

9.) 16th Amendment will mean little, if the Senate is responsible to the States! Repeal could be done, but when considering the Federal Government tax Policy will likely become either version of the Fair-Tax or a Flat-Tax, but it will be nominal…

10.) Federal Lands – other than those necessary for National Defense – will likely be sold (as an act of US Federal Debt and Government Solvency…), and/or become possessions of the resident State; there are estimated hundreds of Trillions of Dollars of natural resources on those lands. Since the People of the States cooperated with amassing Federal Debt, they have a moral and legal obligation to divide the Federal Governments debts between them commensurate with population…? This is spit-balling by-the-way. The State’s will direct the Senate and derive what solution is necessary and just…

11.) The 14th Amendment equal protection clause and substantive due process (application of the Bill of Rights to the States, to nullify State Laws), may prove useful in undoing SCOTUS decisions e.g., Roe Vs. Wade, Obergefell vs. Hodges, but also in knocking down State laws e.g., immigration statutes. Additionally, there are States e.g., California and New York, which may attempt to eventually allow pedophilia be legalized. Substantive due process may come in handy in slapping such heinous advocacies down…

There is more to be said regarding the benefits to the repeal of the 17th Amendment, but we think – if understood as organic – most of the problems with the Federal Government and the culture-of-death will – as Newt Gingrich said of Medicare – “wither-on-the-vine.”

Now as to how to accomplish the repeal, the question asked by Robert Benitez – this is, in fact, the most onerous part of the repeal, for to create the fervor among the electorate may not be possible. We offer another – previously written – response called the “Summary of Liberty Assemblies plan & Criteria for Liberty Assemblies Lecturer’s.”

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