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I get many article ideas by reading and answering commentaries. Recently, one repeated the CNN propaganda while insulting Trump ad hominem and me for defending him.

When I replied, “Ok, live your own delusion.”

He replied admitting that he was goading me because if he didn’t he would get nothing from me. I knew he was wrong, but instead of telling him so, I described the problem.

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If you want to get a balanced viewpoint, stop looking at just CNN. Look at Infowars, Breitbart and IPatriot on the Internet. CNN doesn’t admit it is biased, the others do, but anybody that looks at CNN can see that they are not only biased, they are clearly socialist propaganda in support of globalism. That makes them against patriots and others who simply seek the best for population and country, instead of globalists and their totalitarian agenda.

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Trump is doing a good job. He is an example of leadership for all nations in all the world.

Why do I say so?

Because he has shown that he believes that the population are capable of discovering what is best for themselves and their country, by themselves instead of being told what to think by Mika. They believe they can improve themselves and their country themselves, without global government telling them what they should do, should not do, and that they should pay for all their “recommendations” by borrowing their, globalist, debt based money which is only backed by our promise to produce, but it makes us owe them and  not them owing us. Each person, each company, each government has to yield to their conditions in each loan and each transaction.

When you talk about personalities, be it yours, mine or Trumps, it is as irrelevant as if, in the middle of a serious debate, you said “The sky is blue, the elephant is gray or it’s raining. All or none may be true, but all of these statements would be irrelevant in context. What is important is that Trump is trying to FULFILL WHAT HE PROMISED.

CNN is being beat in ratings because almost all TV viewers prefer 30 year old cartoon reruns than irrelevant noise. CNN is defending itself against Trump because he has the courage to say that the population is capable of thinking and deciding for themselves.

CNN’s greatest fear is that fewer people are unquestioning believers of “experts” in all areas of “expertise.” And media’s weak “claim to fame” is that they have a microphone and a TV camera. You, too, suspect that columnists, politicians, academics and religious figures are not telling you truth that you can prove and thus believe in. You would like to see not only the truth, but relevant truth that explains what is happening and why.

But the only way to do this is to prove what others say for yourself, by yourself. And, people are doing so. They no longer “believe in” experts. They are learning that if you prove it for yourself you can defend it. If not, no.

And if you don’t prove what the columnist, speaker, or narrator says, it is because you have bought into the fallacy of argumentum ad verecundiam — believing in what others say instead of proving truth for yourself, by yourself. Even in my “bio” I say this. Do not believe me. Try to debunk what I say. And if you can’t, you have proved it for yourself. You will be able to defend what I’ve said, not because I said it, but because it is what you yourself would say.

But if you “goad” me with argumentum ad hominem or ad verecundiam I lose interest. On the other had if you say what you think, with enough respect to express yourself without ad hominem personal insults and without relying on ad verecundiam quotes from “authority”, I will answer you. You may not be happy with the answer but you will be able to debunk it, if you can.

Who I am or who you are, or even who Trump is, is not important. What is important is that you prove or debunk what you, he or I say and do. That is the only way you will be able to defend your beliefs.

Many Tweeters, Facebookers and others demean the importance of writing clearly and convincingly. They do it because they don’t have enough respect to understand the relevance of truths that others tell them, or they are careless.

Those who are not careless, know that what others think of what they say is important. That is why they make the effort to better how they present themselves in what they write, say and do. Carelessness is lack of respect to others, but more important, lack of self respect.

If you are under 30, sometimes carelessness is accepted as lack of maturity. Beyond that, it is dangerous, to self and others.

My “advantage” (if you can call effort an advantage) is that I am careful. I do make errors, but I try to improve, every day. I believe Trump does the same. And while his aims favor the population and oppose the totalitarian globalism that is trying to take over our lives, our sovereignty and our freedom, I forgive errors. I do not forgive treachery.

Treachery is doing the opposite of what was promised, selling out our country, selling out our sovereignty and selling out our freedom. That is what we have been accustomed to seeing from the mainstream media, mainstream academia, mainstream religion and mainstream politicians.

These represent totalitarian interests, not ours.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author and are not not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Herman Gazort

Prove everything. Don't rely on me or any "expert." Find truth for yourself. I will give you what I found and try to convince you with proof, information, example and a solid argument, but trust no one. Prove your truth for yourself, by yourself. That is how you can defend it.


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